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The False Mayan Calendar: The Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar  tomas w
 Feb 16, 2005 17:09 PST 

Dear Friends,

More from Carl Calleman.

Love and Light.

The false Mayan Calendar: ³The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar² is
based on patriarchal dominance

by Carl Johan Calleman

    To much of the world a calendar system invented by José and Lloydine
Argüelles in the early nineties: The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar
has come to be known as ³the Mayan Calendar². Despite the fact that this
is a calendar system that has never been used by the Maya, many of its
protagonists have however been falsely presenting it as Mayan. In
campaigns of a sizable scale and on many web sites on the Internet many
people have been deluded into believing this and today one of its main
functions in the world is to create confusion and block people¹s access
especially to the true Sacred Calendar used for millennia in Mexico and
Central America. Last year calendars based on the true Sacred Calendar
count were, to my knowledge only published in Guatemala and Sweden. The
rest of the world has thought of Dreamspell as ³Mayan².

   The structure of the calendar system known as the Thirteen Moon
calendar/Dreamspell is basically as follows: It proposes that we use a
calendar of Thirteen different Moons of 28 days ­ presented as the
feminine cycle ­ to which a ³day out of time² on July 25 is added to
account for the 365 days of a solar year (13 x 28 +1 = 365 days). Linked
to this is a count of the 20 glyphs and 13 numbers that have been
borrowed from the Sacred Mayan Calendar. In this the symbols are however
associated to the days in an entirely different way compared to in the
true calendar meaning that when people are given their purported Mayan
tzolkin day of birth in this system, called the ³Galactic Signature²,
this is invariably different from the Sacred Calendar symbols that the
Maya have been and are using for that particular day. Many have been
deluded into thinking that this is their true Mayan day-sign and have in
this way been diverted from the cosmic flow of time. An important aspect
this calendar system is that the leap day in the Gregorian calendar is
simply ignored, and so, at those days every four years the sequence of
the Dreamspell symbols is interrupted and makes a jump thus ignoring to
give the leap day a spiritual energy.

   How Mayan is this system? Except for the signs and symbols used in
the tzolkin count (260-day count) not at all. While this is now becoming
known to increasing numbers of people, especially in the
English-speaking world, few have come to the realization that this
calendar system on many different levels is an _expression of
patriarchal dominance.

   The first of these expressions is that the female cycle is 28 days.
This idea is really a construct of patriarchal medicine that for ages
has been frightened by what it has perceived as a magical link between
the woman and the full moon cycle of about 29.5 days. The ancient Maya
followed a moon cycle alternating between 29 and 30 days, as did many
other peoples, creating a mean consistent with the full moon cycle. I
think many women today, as well as also many men, have special feelings
linked to their hormones on days of full moon. I do not want to become
too detailed and technical here since on my web page you may find an
article about the topic: ³The Mayan calendar and the cycles of the
goddess², which discusses the mater in depth. Suffice it to say that
there is overwhelming evidence that the female cycle is linked to the
light of the full moon. (A piece of anecdotal evidence is that some
women wanting children will sleep with a light above their heads to
ovulation.) Yet, many women have, partly because of the perturbations
of their cycles due to the artificial lights and artificial hormones
present everywhere today, come to believe that a ³normal² period is 28
days. The Thirteen Moon calendar movement has further perpetuated this
myth in an adaptation to the false claims of patriarchal medicine.

   In this Thirteen Moon Calendar the day July 26 has been chosen as a
³New Year¹s day² and you sometimes hear it being called ³the Mayan New
Year². Sometimes the suggestion pops up that the origin of this date is
the heliacal rising of the Dog Star, but in the Yucatan Sirius does not
rise on this day at all and did not do so in ancient times either. In
reality this fixed first day of the so-called Thirteen Moon calendar is
the very opposite of the Mayan Calendar system. Fixing it on this date
really meant the end of the traditional Mayan calendar in the Yucatan.
In ancient times, and among the living Quiché-Maya still, the Mayan
calendar had no fixed ³New Year¹s date² that could now be directly
translated into a Gregorian such. Yet, it followed a 365 day year called
the haab, and because this was about a quarter of a day short of a solar
year the position of its beginning kept moving backwards one day every
four years in terms of Gregorian dates. The distinction of the
traditional Mayan calendar of not having a fixed new year¹s date is
actually of very great importance today. It means that unlike most other
calendars of the world it is not subordinated to mechanical time and
astronomical cycles. As I have described in my books the prophetic Mayan
calendar system expresses energies influencing human consciousness that
are unrelated to physical cycles. To exemplify the workings of this haab
its first day fell on February 13 in the year AD 694, while in AD 1540
it fell on the day corresponding to July 26. 1541 was however the year
that the Yucatan was conquered by the Spanish. This meant that its
forced conversion to Christianlty began marked by the burning of Mayan
calendars instigated by Bishop Diego de Landa in 1562. It is from this
very Bishop we first hear of the day July 26 as the day that the Maya
³always celebrated their New Year². In reality, as part of the forced
adaptation to Christianity and its ecclesiastical year with celebrations
of saints and
Christmas, etc the subordinated Maya had to freeze the previously
moving beginning day of the Haab at the date it had at the time of the
Spanish conquest in 1541. This freezing meant the effective end to the
Mayan calendar system in the Yucatan and its conversion to a system of
mechanical astronomical time. The Spanish in fact saw the symbols of the
Mayan calendar as idolatry, and repressed it severely as reflected in
the autodafé of Mani. What this means is that the date July 26 was
really imposed by the Spanish Conquistadores and is a clear _expression
of their dominance over the Maya. It is the very opposite of a Mayan New
Year. Its use symbolizes the very end to the original Mayan calendar
system in the Yucatan.

   Yet, in present day Guatemala significant aspects of the ancient
calendar system, such as the haab and the tzolkin (Cholquij) went
underground and has survived until the present time in its highlands. It
can be verified from archeological artifacts that the Sacred Calendar
have been kept unaltered by the daykeepers of the Quiché-Maya since
antiquity. My own view is that this particular true tzolkin count is a
gift to the future of humanity if we can only make the right use of it.
Today, increasing number of people that are starting to use this Sacred
Calendar are experiencing the energies of time that it describes. Yet,
it is not part of the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar the main reason
being that this makes a jump every four years on the leap day in the
Gregorian calendar, a day that according to the Dreamspell has no
tzolkin energy. Hence the experience of the flow of the energies of time
is broken at this day and the day-signs and numbers of the following day
will shift one step in relation to the true tzolkin count. Over several
decades passing through many leap days this creates a very substantial
scrambling effect. Thus people that have their day-signs and numbers
calculated according to this invented tzolkin count will never conform
to the true ones based on an uninterrupted flow of time. Adam Rubel of
Saq Be, an organization reflecting indigenous and especially Mayan views
says: ³Regarding the dreamspell and work of Arguelles: It has been made
clear, I think everybody here understands, the need to distinguish this
system from any relation to the Mayan tradition. [Š] This is the wish
of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease.²

Why have the inventors of the Dreamspell Tzolkin chosen to deviate from
the traditional Sacred Calendar in this way?, we may wonder. The reason
is obviously that as an adaptation to mechanical astronomical time and
the exactness of the solar year it has incorporated the leap day from
the European calendars (Never done among the Maya). The Gregorian
calendar incorporates a leap day every four years ever since Julius
Caesar decided to make February 23 a such. What this means is that the
³Galactic Signatures² calculated by Dreamspellers are directly dependent
on the decision of Julius Caesar to make this particular day the leap
day. Had this Roman Emperor chosen another day as the leap day, say
April 4 or Novemeber 11, then these ³Galactic Signatures² would have
become entirely different. (How galactic is that?) Hence, in a very
direct sense the Dreamspell diversion from the Sacred Mayan calendar is
a creation of a Roman Emperor and as such obviously a reflection of a
patriarchal dominance that still today deludes people as to the
identities of their Mayan day-signs.

Hence, the whole system of the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar system
is a reflection of patriarchal dominance and its true creators are
modern medicine, the Spanish Conquistadors and Julius Caesar, quite in
contrast to much of the rhetoric of its inventors. Of course, it may
then be appropriate to ask to what extent a system so much based on the
dominance of rulers is also reflected in the internal workings of this
movement. It seems so. Lloydine Arguelles, co-founder of the
Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon movement in an email to supporters in 1997
said:³You must understand the promise to be 100 % faithful to the new
knowledge. Nothing that Valum Votan (José Arguelles, my clarification)
presents is not in accord with the divine plan² This is hardly an
encouragement of members of the movement to think for themselves, but a
reflection of a patriarchal dominance almost religious in nature. The
tone has obviously changed since then, and the attitude is now more of
rainbow people and ³anything goes², while its own patriarchal agenda is
projected onto the Gregorian calendar as adiversion. And so, until this
day the man ³who has disciplined himself in a superhuman manner² (ibid)
has not by his movement been asked to publicly explain why he has
invented a tzolkin count that keeps people in the dark about the
traditional. Regardless, for independently thinking peopla it is easy to
see that the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar system is embedded in a
patriarchal agenda.

It is not very polite to publish an article of this kind that for most
people will expose a delusion, and, especially in Latim America and
certain other parts of the world there are many that have been deluded.
It is then necessary to say that where Arguelles got the authority to
lead people into this system was through some very great early
contributions: The book the Mayan Factor was the first in modern times
to truly demonstrate the prophetic validity of the Mayan Calendar.
Equally important was his bringing to the world of the Harmonic
Convergence highlighting moments of a new spiritual awakening for many
(although unfortunately he did not point out that the dates chosen for
this event had been chosen by the Native American Tony Shearer based on
the true calendar. Incidentally, I also myself asked him to write a
foreword to my most recent book in recognition of these great pioneering
efforts. Arguelles early contributions were very significant and it is
also a fact that Arguelles is the person that brought the knowledge of
the existence of the Mayan calendar to the world (albeit in a very
seriously distored form through the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar)..

Humanity has however now come to a point in its evolution where the cost
of being polite is too great. The Mayan Calendar is a much too precious
thing for humanity to be present in a delusional and distorted form
based on a veiled patriarchal agenda. The energies of what I have termed
the Fourth DAY of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on December 4,
2004, will tend to expose dominance in all of its forms and it is not a
moment too early. In the words of the Mayan elders: ³The confusion must
cease² and this in the interest of the many. The Dreamspell/ Thirteen
Moon calendar should never by people of integrity be presented as the
Mayan calendar or a form thereof. In the name of integrity webmasters
hosting sites presenting the Dreamspell as the Mayan calendar should
dismantle these. The truth is now an urgent matter and time is of the
essence. Now, also many people that are participants of movements with
spiritual aspirations may have to scrutinize the existence of dominance
within their own folds and its wider repercussions of their lives. The
cost of continued confusion caused by the false pretensions of the
Dreamspell is enormous. This calendar system blocks the path of humanity
to the treasure of the true Mayan Calendar system, which will play a
decisive role of guiding humanity towards freedom and enlightenment in
the years ahead.

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of two books on the Mayan calendar:
The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the
Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). He iss the
initiator of the Oneness Celebration of June 6-8, 2004 and the End to
Dominance campaign leading up to the Oneness Celebration/Midlight
Meditation of June 1-2, 2005.

His web site is http://www.calleman.com
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