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at Auckland: America's Cup Challengers' Yacht-race picture.  David MacClement
 Nov 17, 1999 12:54 PST 
** This was mainly to check that I can send to the PF list using my
shortest e-mail address, da-@tao.ca
** I've just tried it and find it doesn't work, so I'm going back to using
the only one I know Topica accepts: da-@dojo.tao.ca

** I have enjoyed the wind all my life, becoming quite a good sailor. (I
also have Silver-C badge #444 for gliding, showing I can: (1) stay up for 5
hours, (2) travel cross-country for 100 miles, and (3) climb to a specified
altitude (10,000 ft from memory); all with no motor after being towed to
2,000 ft.)

** So I watch these very expensive, high-tech but flimsy boats with
considerable interest. One "split" (folded up, I think) when going between
one wave and the next, near the top of the wind-speed range for the race,
about a week ago.

** Below are 4 links to a picture typical of a modern yacht race: the top
pair of images is small, 11 kB (171x256 pixels), while the bottom pair are
full-size, 44 kB (359x538 pixels).
    Within each pair, the upper is a copy on my geocities site (Prada is
the Italian yacht that's winning so far; NZ is the defender), while the
lower is the one you can get from the original site:
which is on the Louis Vuitton (Challengers' Cup) Official Web Site.

[11 kB: ]
(with the original being at:,1.0&wid=171&cvt=jpeg )

[44 kB: ]
(while the original is at:,1.0&wid=359&cvt=jpeg )

(David MacClement) d1v9d @ bigfoot.com (remove spaces)
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