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Purpose: Just like Dr. Herbert Benson's groundbreaking book "The Relaxation Response" made Transcendental Meditation more mainstream in the 1970s, we now in the new millennium do the same with the growing popularity of Tantra and concepts relating to sacred sexuality.

Although to the dismay of many, Tantra, is not only about sex. Sex really plays a small part in the Tantric universe as many genuine teachers of the subject have pointed out. Therefore, to fully enjoy concepts relating to sexuality, orgasm, and masturbation, without the complexity and confusion of Tantric lore, Powergasm has been streamlined to offer the practitioner an easy and concise technique she or he can use to access the vast cornucopia of extended, and healing orgasm technologies.

We call Powergasm an "orgasm technology" because that's what it is. It's a system created to harness the body's immense orgasmic potential. There's a lot of energy there!

If one wants to study Tantra that’s fine, but by using Powergasm one can skip all the esoteric intricacies and get down to the nitty gritty of it all - which is mainly to feel good!

Our philosophy is that anyone can reap the benefits of mind shattering orgasms without having to commit to a rigorous program, or as in the case of "Tantra" - shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars to so called "Goddesses" or "Tantrikas" that are nothing more then shrewd business persons who have exploited an ancient art in order to make a fast buck for themselves.

The Powergasm technique can be learned very easily by people of all ages no matter what your ethnic, educational, religious, or financial background is.

Actually, the Powergasm technique is as old as time itself. It wasn't invented by anyone. Powergasm has always been there within the mechanism of the universe, God, our minds, and body. The author of this article did not create it, nor did the mentor who taught it to him. Powergasm is a natural and beautiful phenomenon that can be accessed by all persons attempting to bring about something special and different in their sexuality. Powergasm has been passed down for thousands of years - sometimes know as one thing, and other times know as something else - but it's basically the same thing. The "Powergasm" is only the current name used in order for modern day people to become more familiar with the technique in their daily lives.

Think of Powergasm as a meditation practice, as well as a creative visualization exercise that if done every day (at least three or more times a day for some) can greatly expand a persons orgasmic acumen to greater heights. We are not really interested in its mechanisms or how Powergasm works – we are only here to teach it.

The best part of the whole deal other then making one feel fabulous, is that it free!
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Created: Nov 24, 2001
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