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List Name Discussion & Debate of all things PowerVR (PowerVR)
Purpose: This list is an unmoderated mailing
list for discussion about the PowerVR technology (current & forthcoming including Sega Dreamcast)
designed by Imagination Technologies. Generally, the list should stay on-topic - that isn't an invitation for
discussion of ANY topic, or any computer topic. For general discussion, you might want to try any number of newsgroups or other mailing lists. However, it does stand to reasons that a group of PowerVR based Video Card owners
might have some interesting things to say, and have a common interest in,
other products and software reasonably related to the list.
Website URL: http://PowerVR.cjb.net
List Type: Unmoderated discussion
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Created: Dec 15, 1999
Owners: John, Owner 2
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