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PRACTICE TIPS #38: Rudolf Serkin  Brent Hugh
 Oct 12, 2000 16:09 PDT 
PRACTICE TIPS is an occasional email newsletter with practical
piano practice tips and ideas, by Brent Hugh

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PRACTICE TIPS #38: Rudolf Serkin

Here is an interesting excerpt from Ruth Slenczynska's "Thoughts on
Memorizing" (http://www.siue.edu/MUSIC/html/ruths.html):

During a busy concert season in the early 60's Rudolf Serkin and I crossed
paths in San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel; we were both performing in that
city at different
venues. He graciously invited me to share breakfast with him in his suite.
There was a console piano. On it was an old triangular metronome. He was
practicing the left hand alone of the Rondo from Beethoven's Opus 26 Sonata.

For those who don't know, Rudolf Serkin (1903-1991) was one of the greatest
pianists of the 20th century. If he, of all people, felt the need to spend
hours painstakingly practicing his repertoire left hand alone, with
metronome, then maybe the rest of us shouldn't be too proud to give it a
try, too!

The left hand gives character and depth to your performance. It may not
always be in the foreground, but its lower and inner musical lines can and
should be as musical and beautiful as any lines in the music, whether
foreground or background.

NOTE: Practice Tips Archives
Several people have been asking about the Practice Tips archives, which
until today have been woefully out of date and missing issues. The
archives are now complete up to date. Visit the Practice Tips archives at


Happy Practicing!


PRACTICE TIPS is by pianist, teacher, composer, and internet nerd
Brent Hugh. Brent knows about practicing mostly because he *does*
it, and in fact is toddling off to do some of it just about now . . .

Please remember that this tip is but a small spot near the middle of the
elephant's left ear--it's not even close to the whole elephant that is
"how everyone in the whole world should practice the piano".

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