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The Passing of the Shianti  Jeff Dougan
 Mar 01, 2003 14:07 PST 
As promised, here's the epilogue to the Grey Star series. It was
originally published in vol. 7 of the Lone Wolf Club Newsletter.

Thanks to David Davis for the majority of the transcription and to Jon
Blake for a scan of the original article that allowed the rest.

Jeff Dougan
Editor, Project Aon Newsletter

An epilogue to the first GREY STAR series
by Ian Page

And so it was that the shame of the Shianti was absolved. With the
defeat of the Wytch-king, Shasarak, the renegade Shianti Master, the
Shadakine Empire he had built fell. The Shadakine people fled back to
their former home in the Sadi Desert, and Grey Star - the champion of
the Shianti cause - was proclaimed 'Wizard Regent' of the free peoples
of the old empire, to oversee a time of rebirth and liberty. The only
Shadakine who did not return to the Sadi Desert was the Lady Tanith. She
and Grey Star were soon married, as many foretold they would, to form
the founding line of a magiocracy destined to rule the new confederation
of free states formed from the ashes of the old empire. For the Shianti
themselves a higher destiny dawned. The Goddess Ishir came to them on
the Isle of Lorn and took them up to the Plane of Light. Their reward
was to dwell as immortals by her side and in her service in peace and

The Wizard Grey Star saw them once before they departed and many fond
and sad farewells were exchanged. To Grey Star was bequeathed the nature
of true Shianti wisdom, the last of their ancient magical secrets which
only a lifetime's study would unlock from the hundreds of dusty volumes,
scrolls, and magical artifacts. The Moonstone was given into the care of
the Shianti and taken with them into the Plane of Light, for still its
power was too great to remain on Magnamund.

Grey Star then returned to his people. Sado of the Long Knife was made
general of the army, King Samu had his lands in the Lissan Plain
restored to him, and Urik the Wise of the Kundi peoples was summoned to
act as advisor to the Wizard Regent and Lady Tanith the Wytch-Queen.
Despite his new-found responsibilities and duties, Grey Star looked
forward to a time of hope and happiness. In this far corner of
Magnamund, at least for now, peace reigned.

And so ends the chronicle of the first quest of the Wizard Grey Star.
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