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Project Aon Newsletter for April, 2003  Jeff Dougan
 Apr 07, 2003 11:21 PDT 
Table of Contents:
1) Minor updates
2) Progress report
3) Change in Newsletter schedule
4) TTNF!

1) Minor updates
While we've received messages about small glitches in previously
published books, we haven't accumulated enough of them yet to create
minor updates to any released titles.

2) Progress report
2A) We managed to get Grey Star the Wizard release late last week!

2B) The World of Lone Wolf section of the Rules Handbook is turning out
to be harder to write, because each book (after the first) has a
different set of rules governing how to adjust the primary statistics
(COMBAT SKILL, WILLPOWER, and ENDURANCE) to reflect experience acquired
in previous books. It's being worked on, but may lag behind the release
of Grey Star proper by a couple weeks or so.

2C) Serious editing should start on The Captives of Kaag very shortly
after the publication of Grey Star the Wizard. Our current forecast puts
its release roughly in mid-May, barring an unusually high errata quotient.

2D) The Forbidden City has begun very preliminary editing.

2E) My understanding is that we will start to see .PDF editions of the
Lone Wolf books trickling in over the next couple months. They may or
may not merit separate announcements - we may instead lump them into the

3) Change in Newsletter schedule
I'm desperately trying to get a Ph.D. thesis written and defended,
coupled with an impending move. For the next several months, I therefore
need to change the newsletter schedule to about every six weeks rather
than to every month. The next two forecast dates for newsletters are May
15 and July 1, 2003.

4) TTFN!
That's all our doings during the month of March - it's been rather
quiet. See you in June!

Jeff Dougan
Editor, Project Aon Newsletter
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