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Re: GSTW - unreachable sections (& unreachable sections in general)  Ingo =?iso-8859-1?q?Kl=F6cker?=
 Jan 23, 2001 15:33 PST 
Thomas Wolmer HG/EMW/SVF/HE wrote:
 Speaking of unreachable sections - does anyone have any tool to make
a nice graphic representation of the game flow in terms of section

After considering some programs which can draw directed graphs I found
Graphviz (http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/) which IMHO
does a pretty good job.

Using the following shell script you can create an input file in the so
called dot format. You have to give the number of sections, i.e. 350
for the Grey Star books, as parameter when you invoke the script.

-- snip --

echo 'digraph unix {'
for a in `seq $1`; do
sed -n 's/^.*a href="\([0-9]*\).htm".*$/        "xxx" -> "\1";/p'
$a.htm | \
   sed s/xxx/$a/
echo '}'
-- snip --

Then you can for example generate a PostScript file with the graph
representation using the program "dot" which is part of the graphviz
I used the following command line:
dot -Tps gstw.dot >gstw.dot.ps

I'll put the compressed ps file (24364 bytes) on my home page under the
following URL

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