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Popularity of (Rachel)  Lloyd deMause
 Feb 03, 2003 17:54 PST 

Omaha said: I want to note that the Administration is certainly aware of =
Psychogenic Theory of history. I have little doubt that war planners
understand the "moment of group-psychotic insight" (deMause, Foundations =
Psychohistory, 1982, p. 187) that can precipitate the rapid formation of

Is this so, that our government is aware of or takes any interest -- =
other than amusement -- in scholarly writings of some list members? =
Clear confirmation that the U.S. administration is 'certainly aware' of =
deMause's Psychogenic Theory and the writings of others would be huge =
and would add new dimension to list discussions. =20

All this while I've assumed it wasn't so - that my government has given =
the time of day to the study of historical motivations, given the scant =
availability of literature in libraries and bookstores and the =
apparently unappealing nature of the subject. Also, another assumption =
of mine is that, armed with such new knowledge, The Administration would =
not approach the current situation as they do. =20

It just seems to me that those who would try to further their own =
fantastical revenges, who due to an unfortunate personal history lack =
certain empathy resources, would not even pick up a copy of "The =
Emotional Life of Nations" or The Journal of Psychohistory or any in - =
depth PH publications, let alone seriously entertain their ideas. Then =
take it a step further and use the information for attack. Compare this =
against a posting about two months ago from a list member and PH scholar =
who visited with certain government members of Belgium, I think. Their =
response, if I remember, was one of concern and humility. =20

So any further information is much appreciated as to whether or not the =
members of the Bush team have not only read material familiar to this =
list, but are spectacularly missing the point by trying to factor =
information gleaned by PH writings into their plan of attack. =20

Or maybe it is a given that parts of the U.S. goverment have read PH =
literature and I'm the last to know? This would be fascinating for me =
to know. =20


Lloyd replies: Not only do not any government people know a single
sentence of PH or read a single article or book of mine, academics
are almost as a body opposed to teaching PH (just a handful of us
teach it), throw graduate students out of school if they are
discovered writing for the Journal, call Dave Beisel (who does teach
PH in college) a "psycho-nut," and won't in my opinion touch my work
for another four decades (The Emotional Life of Nations has sold
almost no copies, the bookstores won't even put it on the shelves).
You 500 are all alone (the IPA has only 300 members all over the
world, less than 100 come to our convention in NYC each year) in your
interest in PH.

Paul Elovitz has a fine article on teaching war psychohistorically in
the next issue of the Journal, followed by seven commentators who
tell their experiences, especially the students' resistances. You can
subscribe by sending me your postal address and I'll bill you (first
year) half-price $27.00 and send you your first issue right away, and
you'll be a subscriber when the next issue (now being typeset) is
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