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Psychohistory (Jorgensen)  Lloyd deMause
 Feb 04, 2003 15:38 PST 

Lloyd replies: Not only do not any government people know a single=20
sentence of PH or read a single article or book of mine, academics=20
are almost as a body opposed to teaching PH (just a handful of us=20
teach it), throw graduate students out of school if they are=20
discovered writing for the Journal, call Dave Beisel (who does teach=20
PH in college) a "psycho-nut," and won't in my opinion touch my work=20
for another four decades (The Emotional Life of Nations has sold=20
almost no copies, the bookstores won't even put it on the shelves).=20
You 500 are all alone (the IPA has only 300 members all over the=20
world, less than 100 come to our convention in NYC each year) in your=20
interest in PH.

I am amazed that others haven't seen the significance of this field.=20
It so well jibes with past and occurring history. Many opinions in other =
related sciences
appear as shadows against these fluid predictions and outcomes.
I too was aware of the coming Reagan assassination, I saw the signs =
I told friends to expect an assassination - I knew nothing of =
psychohistory then,
but would've recognised the truth if it had fallen in my lap (as I felt =
it did when I finally
found psychohistory).
I've always read the New York Times (forgive me), always a week late,
until the WWW changed things, and I saw references to assassination =
everywhere! I thought,=20
"Someone on the edge is going to read this and want to be a footnote in =
When I saw your revelation, while you were awaiting the historic =
incident, I was stunned
with the parity and impressed with the logic and premise.=20
My understanding of your books has come from excerpts and elucidation =
in this group.=20

bill. (jorgensen)
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