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911 Collusion (Sarah)  Lloyd deMause
 Feb 12, 2003 11:49 PST 

"Was there an element of shared unconscious collusion? Did we feel
the need for something like this to happen? Were the terrorists there
to oblige our needs & their own pathology as well? Did we need them
as willing delegates?"

I don't know about "we" in general, but the Bush administration, the
FAA and the air force certainly seemed to, judging by their actions
on the morning of September 11th. Here's the link to a 3 part
article concerning the chronology of events that day and the inaction
and deception of our government concerning them. It's different from
most conspiracy theory articles on the Web in that it is pieced
together from mainstream media and official sources.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:



Lloyd adds: Bob McFarland will give a presentation at IPA 2003 in
June that will show much strange stuff (from two books, "9/ll The Big
Lie" by Thierry Meyssan and "The War Against Freedom" by Ahmed) on
9/11, including why most people who saw the plane before it ran into
the Pentagon saw a small non-commercial plane. This analysis and
review essay will be published in the Summer issue of the Journal of
Psychohistory. Send me your postal address to subscribe ($27 -- I'll
invoice) and get it.
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