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Pederasty (Alanvic)  Lloyd deMause
 Feb 07, 2003 05:32 PST 

George wrote,

If M.J. says his
relationship to boys was not sexual I am sure its
true. On the other hand the balcony situation with the
baby or the on-knee position can happen inadvertently
to anybody (unfortunately of course a star should beware

I am incensed by this comment. I thought Martin Bashir had perfectly
demonstrated Jackson's tendency to lie pathologically when he vehemently
denied having had any surgery to his face on two occasions in interview.
The second time, after denial, he falteringly admitted to having had two
operations, "only on my nose" and for the purpose, he said, of reaching
higher notes when singing. What makes us think he will tell the truth, or be
capable of telling the truth, when it comes to his highly questionable
relations with children?
Confront any pedophile and they will deny and conceal their actions- someone
who keeps their reason in "neverland" is not to be taken at their word.
The British pedophile Jonathan King still calls in to radio talk shows from
prison to protest his innocence after abusing young boys for thirty years.
These damaged celebrities are obsessed with their media image and expend
much of their energy in pretending to be "nice people", which is why they
have been so successful in that field in the first place. Their sexuality is
inter-related with this need for celebrity as it buys them a a kind of
priviledge in which child abuse is a perk. This has been traditionally the
case and only recently questioned. I wonder for example, how many thirteen
year old girls bands like the Rolling Stones slept with in the sixties?
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