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 Jul 20, 2006 08:31 PDT 

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Greetings Everyone,

EcoEnergizer - Do NOT Miss This One Folks...BIG One For The Year!...The largest comp plan i have seen for those who want to work it

This is not...I repeat this is NOT, an existing company...not Ethos, FFI, Extreme Research, D1280X or any of the others...this is something new and much much better

Do not mistake the following information or company for anything that is on the market now already...although in preparation for years, this company has not launched or shipped product yet...this is new new new

My recent experience in fuel additives led me to the following   conclusion------

-----Mileage extenders are the hottest and simplest programs to get people to work , and therefore they produce cash quickly for those who take action. Serious marketers can make "Crazy Money" within 60 days (and if we get really passionate within weeks). No one will get hurt, because since the products work well, buying the products and using them alone offsets all start up costs.

In view of these facts, I have been doing extensive research on all of the options and unequivacably have found the hands down winner. A Company called Eco Energy Works L.L.C.

They have an 8 year old Proven Product undergoing continuous research and development.

The product soon launching to the U.S. Market incorporated "NANO TECHNOLOGY" into a product that already
has been proven to increase mileage 16-26% with a one time test result of 37%

A product that is backed by the 4th largest Oil Company in the World

The only product in MLM fuel additives to proactively subject itself to EPA accepted testing facility experiments at $15,000+ per test. AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW!

The only true mileage enhancer product---most other products are cleaners or lubricants and have some nominal side effects which enhance mileage.

The only product that works not only on gas and diesel but also works equally well on bio-diesel, home heating oil,
and ethanol blends. (Poised for the future)

The only product being brought to market with a team of owners who are incredibly well capitalized with over a billion dollars in net worth.

The only product already developing an infomercial campaign to allow its members to capitalize as the Company makes the public aware of this exceptional product through television.

A HUGE and ABUNDANT Compens*ation plan that not only rewards the SERIOUS marketer with $25,000 weekly potential on the front end along with 50% matching bonuses on all personally recruited affiliates; but also puts a viable plan together to put checks in the neophytes hands which can ultimately le*ad to $300,000 monthly in residuals for the agressive organization builder.

If you are currently not using an effective fuel extender----every mile is costing you money! Why not investigate the facts and SIGN UP FOR A FREE POSITION Today while you are doing your due dilligence.

You can join for fr*ee now by going here


This program is in Beta test and everyone who activates by July 28th will be entered into a pool of 3% of the total sales of the Company for 5 years. THIS IS A SERIOUS BONUS, but will be gone in a blink of an eye---

Call me for scheduling or to have any preliminary questions answered.


Tom Broadbent

P.S. Tune in to my Conference Call every night at 9:30 PM ET 641-497-7100 pin code 329442#
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