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Down Time=Growth  Katie Oliver
 Jun 06, 2007 13:10 PDT 

Hello, I'm very glad to be here, I had an emergency appointment with a
gangrenous appendix, and things were apparently a little hairy for a
while. (I was mostly oblivious!)
Anyway this was about 2 weeks ago now, and has had an intresting effect
on Jonty.
He had a 'sitter' whilst I was in hospital and in the first few days I
was home, a local student who was delighted to use our fast computer
connection. The student used the computer so Jonty could not, but other
than that he could do as he wished.
Well, he has turned into an artist! He has learnt, not sure how, to draw
in 3D using light and dark to create the effect, and many other things.
Since I have been better and we have not needed the student he has been
caring for me. As he is very much the youngest, and has always had me
and 2 much older sisters (neither living at home since Feb this year)to
do everthing for him, he has not been very good around the house. He has
blosomed, he makes my drinks, cares for the animals (Except the run with
the fierce cockrel, as the cockrel tends to have a go at people and he
is almost as tall as Jonty!) and generally does what is needed to be
Meanwhile my Amazon order arrived (takes about 4 weeks to get here, and
was ordered before I got ill) and I lay on the sofa reading Davids book
(have fun, learn stuff, grow) and also "I saw the Angel in the Marble"
from the Elijah Company. Thank you David, I so enjoyed the book.
Whilst I would not have planned this illness, it has allowed Jonty to
grow in so many ways. He has matured and learnt things, and has
altogether made me very proud of him.
All I need now is the confidence to let him do his own thing in his own
way (and stop comparing him to the girls!)

From Katie in NZ
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