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List Name RainbowFaith networking list for SF Bay Christian LGBT supporters and friends (RainbowFaith)
Purpose:              The San Francisco Bay Area RainbowFaith Email List

The RainbowFaith list exists to facilitate communication, networking,
assistance, and the sharing of information relevant to Christian
pro-LGBT individuals and groups, and their supporters, in the San
Francisco Bay area and nearby regions.

The intent of the RainbowFaith list is to be a low-traffic list for
sharing event notices, and requests for and offerings of assistance.
It is NOT a news or discussion list. Posts to the list should be
about events or needs relevant to the pro-LGBT Christian community in
the San Francisco Bay area. Here are some general guidelines for
posts which are appropriate and posts which aren't appropriate for

OK for RainbowFaith:

- Information about upcoming Bay Area events which are relevant to
    the LGBT Christian community.

- Information about non-Bay Area events if the event is of very high
    relevance to the RainbowFaith community. Announcements of
    national conferences with pro-LGBT Christian content are the most
    likely candidates in this category.

- Requests for help: "I need a speaker who can talk about X", "We
    need volunteers for X", "What's the best way to host event X?",

- Responses to help requests.

- Information about available resources, e.g. "We're available to
    speak to your church", etc.

Not appropriate for RainbowFaith:

- Reposts of news articles, opinion pieces, sermons, devotional
    material, scripture commentary, etc. There are already hundreds
    of sources for this material on the Internet; RainbowFaith is not
    intended to be yet another email list that retransmits existing

- Press releases, unless the release is a notice of a relevant event
    that hasn't happened yet.

- Reposts of your group's electronic newsletter.

- Personal chit-chat between group members.

- National calls to action issued by secular groups.

- Email petitions, virus alerts, or solicitations to vote in online
    surveys or "polls".

- Commercial advertising.

- Other content not relevant to the goals of helping San Francisco
    Bay area pro-LGBT Christians and friends to network with and
    support each other.

Anybody with an email address can join this list, so you should have
no expectations of privacy when you post to the list. We also can't
offer any guarantees that everyone subscribed is friendly to the LGBT
cause. If you need to have a confidential discussion with one or more
list members, you should do that in private email.
List Type: Unmoderated discussion
Subscription: Does not require owner approval
Archive: Readable by anyone
Created: Jun 24, 2002
Owner: Bruce Hahne
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to rainbowfaith-subscribe@topica.com
To Post: Send mail to 'rainbowfaith@topica.com'
Stats: 50 subscribers / < 1 messages per week

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