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RDJ-- Zesty Lemon Spareribs, 03-02-00  Recipe du Jour
 Mar 02, 2000 03:16 PST 
Volume 3      Number 53

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6 lbs pork spareribs, cut into serving size pieces
1 (6 oz) can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
3/4 cup barbecue sauce

Place pork into Dutch oven. Add enough water to cover pork. Heat to boiling;
reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer about 1-1/2 hours or until tender.
Remove pork to 13- x 9- x 2-inch baking dish. Mix lemonade concentrate and
barbecue sauce. Pour over pork; turn pork to coat with marinade. Cover and
refrigerate, turning occasionally, at least 4 hours but no longer than 24
hours. Heat coals or start gas grill. Remove pork from marinade; reserve
marinade. Grill pork, meaty sides up, uncovered, 4 inches from medium-high
heat about 30 minutes, turning and brushing frequently with marinade, until
glazed and heated through. Discard any remaining marinade. Yield: 8

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One day I decided to give construction work a try. The money was good, I was
young, had a strong back, and besides— I was broke. After joining a union, I
showed up for my first day of work at the Norfolk, Virginia “Scope
Construction Project”, which was to become Norfolk’s coliseum. I was
assigned a green hard hat, which designated me as the lowliest of the low
common laborers, whose job it was to do ANYTHING anyone asked who was not
themselves wearing a green hard hat. Boss number ONE (yellow hard hat)
instructed me to move a pile of scrap two by fours from the center of the
floor to the side of the building. Three-quarters through my first
assignment, Boss number TWO (blue hard hat) asked me what I thought I was
doing with the pile of two by fours, to which I replied “I’m doing what Boss
number ONE told me to do.” Boss number TWO then told me: “I’m wearing the
BLUE hat, fellah. That means you listen to ME! You got that straight? Now,
MOVE those two by fours back where they came from.” Somewhere in the process
of moving those two by fours back into the center of the work area, a
different Boss number THREE (white hard hat) asked me what I was doing with
the pile of two by fours. I told him the BLUE-hatted boss wanted the pile
placed in the center of the room. “Well, ain’t that nice,” he said. “Around
here, EVERYONE listens to a WHITE hat, son. Now MOVE those two by fours out
to the dump truck over there!” A short while later I walked off the site and
never returned when I saw Boss Number One’s YELLOW hard hat heading for me
and the dump truck.

No wonder it took the Scope project so long to be completed. Funny thing is,
I still have that GREEN hard hat.

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Rich’s Note:   I think I’d like a new nickname. Over the years I’ve been
called Rick, Deep, Alan Animal (because I somewhat resembled someone in a
rock band), and Buddy Row. I’ve jokingly been called Ricky Nelson (when I
was young) and, later, was frequently asked, “Hey, Rowand, how’s Martin?”
There used to be a song titled Open The Door, Richard, but I won’t get into
that. When I was seven I informed my mother that I was going to be a priest
when I grew up because Father Rowand had a nice ring to it. When she
mentioned we weren’t Catholic, I adjusted, thinking that Reverend Rowand was
just as nice. I kind of gave up on nicknames for a long time, but lately I’
ve been feeling the need to have one. My friend John is called Prof. I know
a guy called Woody. My pet name for Molly is Sprout. I thought about
initials, but RR just doesn’t have the right sound. I like the Doc Ford
novels by Randy Wayne White, and being called Doc wouldn’t bother me at all
except that I’d probably think of Gunsmoke rather that Doc Ford. I don’t
wear white suits, so Colonel is out. Dad fits, but I wouldn’t want everyone
calling me that. I don’t know. I guess I’ll stick with Richard and Rich. It’
s getting kind of late to switch.

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Do you remember?

Open the Door Richard
Count Basie and His Orchestra
Words by Dusty Fletcher and John Mason
Music by Jack McVea and Don Howell

Peaked at # 1 in 1947 and, true to the times, six OTHER versions also made
Top 10
Three Flames (#1); Dusty Fletcher (#3); Jack McVea (#3); the Charioteers
Louis Jordan (#6); and The Pied Pipers (#8)

Intro-conversations mingled in a crowded room

???? at the club tonight. Ole Richard went home early-he's got the key to
the house. I'm gonna knock on the door, see if I kin get in.

Open the door, Richard!! Ya see, Richard sleeps in the back room. It's
kinda hard to hear. Maybe I better knock a little louder.

Open the door, Richard!! I don't think Richard heard me yet. Knock one
more time-let's see what's gonna happen.

Richard, open the door, please.

SUNG: Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don't you open that door?

Richard, open the door, man-it's *co-hold* out here'n this air. Now
look-there's that old woman 'cross the street lookin' out the windah
(Who's that, Widow Sweet?)
That must be her sister, I guess. She wants to make SURE this is me. She's
tryin' to find out what's happenin'. Yes, it's me and I'm late again!
(??, did you hear what the lady's sayin'?)
No, what is she sayin'?
(She said you sure look common out here'n the street.)
COMMON? Man, I got class I ain't never used yet. I'm gonna knock
again-Richard's got to get up.

Open the door, Richard!! Man, you got a key to the house?
(No, ??, I don't have a key. I DON'T have a key.)
Somebody's got to get in the house. We can't climb in the transit.
(Oh, I know he's in there.)
How YOU know he's in there?
(I can hear him breathin'.)
Ooooh, let's try it one more time!

Richard, open that door, man. Maybe Richard's gone.

SUNG: Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don't you open that door? < halfway thru this singing part,
it blends with a background conversation.>

I know he's in there.
(how you know he's in there?)
Why, you got on the suit.
I know I got on the only suit. Ain't got but one suit between us. That's
the reason why I don't like to roooooom with nobody.

Richard, why don'tcha open the door, man?

This entire song is done on an ad-lib basis and it varies WIDELY from other
versions, which were considerably funnier. "??" represents the names or
nicknames of the band members which I could not comprehend. Still it IS the
version that made #1.


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