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List Name Reason-Mac (Reason-Mac)
Purpose: Welcome to the Reason-Mac List Info Page!

The Reason Mac list is an open subscription, unmoderated list devoted to the discussion of the Propellerheads virtual studio rack software called Reason, released in November 2000.

Reason is a cross-platform, virtual studio rack application with installable modules such as samplers, synths, stereo drum computers, effects, mixers, Recycle file readers, and ReWire input devices. In addition to the modules mentioned above, Reason has linear track-based and matrix sequencers that can be added and connected to your rack of virtual gear.

When you create modules Reason adds them to an empty space in your virtual rack. Each individual device has its own set of inputs, outputs, controls and settings and the connections between devices can be made with virtual patch cables that you drag to connect to various sources and destinations on the devices in the rack.

Reason also features the ability to add your own samples to a Reason song file so that the documents you create can be published as songs with your email address, web page URL and author comments. The published documents are portable, making this software extremely efficient as a sequence file sharing tool. Songs can be shared between Reason users with relatively similar CPU speeds.

This list was created on Thanksgiving, November 23rd, 2000 by Darin Marshall.

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email: darin@belief-systems.com
Website URL: http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/frame.html
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Created: Nov 24, 2000
Owner: Darin Marshall
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