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Re: truck  Michael E. Goldberg, M.D.
 Aug 05, 2003 14:31 PDT 

Because I am an ESD person I can get an on-playa permit! Can we do with a
small pickup truck?


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From: "Pierre de Kerangal" <pie-@flyvision.org>
To: <reorien-@topica.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 4:20 PM
Subject: Re: truck

 i have the key to the storage in empire. see image of storage here:

i am looking at truck options too but haven't found one yet.

another reason why we need this truck is to carry stuff from the
container to the camp (ie. the dome which is scheduled to be built on
the 23rd)

On Tuesday, August 5, 2003, at 10:35 AM, Tejawe wrote:

 i'm getting your postings as emails, but they don't seem to appear on
the topica bulletin board. others' messages seem to appear both ways.

nicholas was looking into a truck for picking up stuff in storage and
making mid-week runs back to reno, gerlach, etc. when necessary. i'm
going to be coordinating those runs, but could use a little primer
info. could everyone please give me info on WHAT you have in storage
and WHERE exactly your storage is. also, let me know if you already
have a plan for getting it to the playa.

josh, we should probably make another call for people to update the
disorient directory. then sort it by when people are arriving and in
what vehicles. that will help determine if anyone else can pick stuff
up from various storage spots.

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From: Goldberg, Joshua [mailto:joshua.g-@mssm.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 9:43 AM
To: reorien-@topica.com
Subject: truck

just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page about the
truck. we need one. asylum and the container are across the city,
and we've got a very, very dusty clutch of bikes and couches and
chairs and foam and crap in our storage space. nathan wrote me
yesterday asking about the ability to use RVs to transport this stuff,
and i told him that was NOT a good idea. have we nailed down the usage
of a truck yet?

also, if someone could reply to this message on list i would know that
topica is actually working. i've got a nasty feeling this forum is

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