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Roger's Tennis # 30: Effortless Mechanics  Roger Haeske
 May 22, 2001 12:41 PDT 
Roger's Central Jersey Tennis Update # 30
Unlock and Unleash the Tennis Genius inside of you with my
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1) Effortless Mechanics
2) Convenient New Racquet Drop Off Location on Route 18 in
East Brunswick
3) The Mayhem and Magic of Beliefs
4) How to Improve your Tennis Game Without Extra Practice
5) Racquets for Sale

This is Roger Haeske, your friendly neighborhood Peak
Performance Tennis Pro and Master Stringer. These updates
are provided as a resource to Tennis Players around the
world with topics of interest for Tennis Players in the
Central New Jersey Community.

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your tennis friends, and be sure to tell them you sent it.
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1) Effortless Mechanics

Check out my latest special report by going to my website.
Click here Effortless Mechanics.

2) Convenient New Racquet Drop Off Location on Route 18 in
East Brunswick

Now you can drop off your tennis racquets to be strung at a
very convenient location on Route 18 in East Brunswick. It's
Route 18 Sports (732-238-8417) just past the Wendy's and
Pathmark on the South Bound side of Rte 18 just before the
traffic light. Now you'll be able to drop off your racquets
any time Route 18 Sports is open and usually be able to pick
up your racquet the next day after 5pm. (Contact me if you
need it sooner and I may be able to get it done for you.)
For all the details go to this page on the BestStringer.com
website http://beststringer.com/beststringer/dropoff.htm.
Route 18's Store Hours, phone number and address are listed
on this page as well.

Please call before you make a trip down to Route 18 Sports
because I have discovered that sometimes they are not open
their standard hours. There are two owners and only they
work at their store, so sometimes they close early or even
open a bit late. The phone number is (732)-238-8417.

Drop Off Benefits at Route 18 Sports:

1. Convenient location on Route 18 in East Brunswick
2. Drop off your racquets at any time without having to get
in contact with me first.
3. Get your racquet back fast. Usually you'll get it the
next day after 5pm.
4. Pick up your racquets whenever you want as long as Route
18 Sports is open.

Note: At the present time there won't be any discounts like
the "Frequent Stringer Discount," for drop off at Rte 18
Sports. The reason for this is that I am paying the owners a
fee for every racquet and accessory that they write up.
This way I help them out and they help me out.

To make things simpler, Route 18 Sports will be my only drop
off location besides bringing racquets directly to my
apartment in South River. So please DON'T bring your
racquets to my good friends at Magnifico's Ice Cream or
Circle Automotive. From now on Route 18 Sports will be my
primary location.

3) The Mayhem and Magic of Beliefs

(c) 2001, Roger Haeske

Belief Changing Technique

1.The first thing you need to do is to observe your current
beliefs about your tennis game. What do you believe are your
strengths? Weaknesses? Write them down. Do you have a great
forehand? Then write it down. Do you believe you have a poor
serve? Then write it down. Do you currently believe that you
choke under pressure? Write it down. Use this technique for
a few days. Observe yourself while playing and try to notice
your expectations and beliefs. Do you expect to hit great
topspin forehands? Do you feel you are only an average
athlete? You need to make a deep analysis of your belief
system because your beliefs set the limits of your

Now keep in mind just because you believe something, does
not mean that it is true. What we want to do is to ferret
out your false beliefs. These beliefs set the top and bottom
limits to your success. Unless you change your beliefs about
what you can accomplish then you will never get appreciably
better. Beliefs control your mechanics and athletic ability.
Your beliefs about yourself are the major controlling
factors as to how good you can play and compete. Almost
every single tennis player has false beliefs about their
game that are holding them back. I am amazed myself at all
the false beliefs I've uncovered in my own game. I may never
find them all because there may be no limit to how much one
can alter their beliefs to improve their games. Beliefs do
not necessarily have to conform to logic.

These beliefs developed through your experiences. But what
if you are the type of person who tends to focus on your
negative qualities? Whatever you focus on magnifies. So if
you focus on the negative then you will get more and more
negative results in your life.

What if reality is simply what we imagined it to be and
nothing else? All the great tennis players had a vision of
themselves becoming champions. Is it their talent or their
vision that brought them to great heights? Probably a little
of both. But you need both to succeed. Talent by the way is
something that can be developed, learned and improved.
Almost any area of sports performance can be improved and is
not preordained. You can get stronger, faster, develop
greater endurance, develop quicker reflexes, learn to track
a ball better, improve strategy, learn proper mechanics,
etc. Now not everyone can become the number one tennis
player in the world. But I know from teaching hundreds of
tennis students, that most people are under performing their
capabilities, even within their limited amount of practice
time. What I am saying is that you could be a much better
player and still practice just as much as before. It just
depends on what you believe about yourself and what you
constantly visualize or subconsciously expect from your
tennis game.

All of my tennis students initially have false beliefs about
stroke mechanics. That is why they come to learn the proper
way to hit a ball. But some students don't believe something
even after I tell them. Here is a specific example that has
happened many times. I was working on improving this
student's serve. For some reason he believed that if he
fully reached up on his serve that it would send his serve
long every time. So he developed a serve where at contact
the ball was maybe 6 inches over his head at most. This way
of serving at least got his serve in with a little slice.
Then I showed him that it wasn't the height of the toss but
the angle at which he hit the ball with his racquet that
caused his serve to go in or out. Unfortunately this student
is stubborn and is still hitting his rinky-dink serve. He
doesn't want to learn a better way to serve. Maybe he is
satisfied with serving like this. Or maybe he believes that
he can't learn the better way of serving. Maybe after a few
tries he has given up. But it just goes to show you how
false beliefs strongly influence the way your tennis game

To see the rest of this article go to

4) How to Improve your Tennis Game Without Extra Practice

Would you like to play at a level you never believed
possible for yourself? I have discovered the secret and
unconscious techniques that many of the superstar tennis
pros use. You'll learn how to play better and not have to
spend one extra minute of practice time on the tennis court.
You can improve your tennis game while you are at work, at
home or even while driving. I have discovered secrets of the
mind that will unlock your tennis playing ability guaranteed
or you pay nothing.

Here is a list of what you'll improve

Benefits List:

1. Make dramatic breakthroughs in your game.
2. Develop super self-confidence
3. Learn new tennis skills faster than ever before
4. Start Beating your Archrivals
5. Stop Choking
6. Develop a new passion for your tennis game
7. Improve any other area of your life with these techniques

You can get all of this with my Peak Performance Tennis
Consultation. Just send me an email saying you want to do
the consultation and I'll send you via email a Peak
Performance Questionnaire. Your game should start to improve
just by answering the questionnaire. Then we'll schedule a
time to do a half hour telephone consultation. If need be
the consultation can go longer than a half hour.

As a special bonus I'll include a free month of email
consultations with me. Then during the next month you can
email me any more questions you have about the program or
how to improve even faster using this system. You get to
pick my brain for one month on how to dramatically improve
any aspect of your tennis game. You won't want to pass this
opportunity up to play your best tennis by simply changing
the way you think.

The cost of this exclusive Peak Performance Tennis
Consultation is only $77.00. But if you order it within the
next ten days it will only cost the price of one tennis
lesson, $40.

Here is the best part. You only pay if you feel you have
gotten great results. You get to try it for one month for
Free. After the month is up I'll send you the bill. You only
pay if you felt you really improved and can continue to
improve with these secret techniques of the pros.

Email me Roger Haeske at rog-@supertennis.net or call
(732)-432-4839. I think you'll be very happy you did. I'll
also be posting more information at this page of my website,
Peak Performance Tennis Consultations.

5) Racquets for Sale

Two of my customers have dropped off racquets they no longer
use and want me to sell. Here is a list of the racquets with
the prices they wanted for them. Or give me your best offer
and maybe they'll accept it.

All of these racquets are Wilson's. There are 3 Pro Staff
Classics 6.1 midsize, with 4 1/2 grips. Two of them are
selling for $75 and one for $50. There are 2 Hyper Prostaff
5.0 midsizes with 4 1/2 grip. One is a stretch the other is
a regular length. They are both in very good condition and
are priced at $100 each.

Then I have a Wilson Hammer 6.2 oversize, stretch, 4 3/8
grip that is in excellent condition for $80.00. I also have
that same racquet in a midsize version for $75.00. I also
have a hammer 2.7 in great condition. It's oversize with a 4
1/2 inch grip. This is a very powerful and light racquet.
Asking $75.00, this racquet used to sell for over $250.00.

I also have a brand new, never used Prince Thunderblast
Oversize 4 5/8 grip. It originally retailed for $125. I am
selling it for only $45. It is a graphite racquet at a mid
power level. It has a beautiful blue color and weighs about
10 ounces.

Contact me via email or phone about these racquets.


STRINGING WITH PRIDE: I take a lot of pride in stringing
your racquets. I have two stringing certifications from the
United States Racquet Stringers Association and 17 years
stringing experience. If you come to me, you can have
confidence in your racquet being properly strung and the
racquet's performance being maximized. I've strung over
24,000 racquets in my day and have a very large and loyal
following in the East Brunswick area. If you ever have any
problem or question with a racquet I've strung, feel free to
contact me and I'll gladly do my best to make sure you are

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this update. Please
email me if you have any suggestions as to how I can make it
more useful for you. I'm here to serve you.

From your friendly neighborhood Peak Performance Tennis Pro
and Master Stringer, Roger Haeske

(732) 432-4839 Roger's Super Tennis: Pro Shop
(732) 375-4935 Pager
(732) 238-8417 Route 18 Sports
(732) 257-7507 New York Sports Club
(732) 247-1700 East Brunswick Racquet Club
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