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SuperTennis: How to Beat 75% of All Tennis Players  Roger Haeske
 Mar 12, 2004 12:03 PST 

Roger's Peak Performance Tennis Update

"How to Beat 75% of All Tennis Players by Hitting Lightly"
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"Beat 75% of All Tennis Players by Hitting Lightly"

One of the first things I teach my students is to be
consistent. Consistency is what I call the primary rule. I'd
estimate you can beat 50% of all the tennis players in the
world by simply getting the ball in play over and over again.
You don't even have to hit the ball very hard.

If you make virtually no unforced errors it puts a tremendous
amount of pressure on your opponent. If you can keep the ball
relatively deep for most of the shots it makes for very long
points. Eventually your opponent will get desperate and end up
making an unforced error.

In teaching my students I'm amazed at how many of them I can
beat by simply getting the ball back in play repeatedly. Even
advanced students who have topspin and fairly good aim still
have problems when I play what I call Level 1 and really run
down their shots. They eventually crack under the pressure.

Whenever you are losing a match, you should consider
reverting to this ultra safe strategy. Just get the ball in
back in the middle of the court and don't worry about hitting
winners. You only hit a winner when it becomes an easy shot
for you that you are sure you won't miss. Otherwise you let
your opponent be the aggressor.

To learn how to beat 75% of all tennis players in the world
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