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R: Helios 40 85mm f1.5 lens HELP with fitting  Antonio Federici
 Jun 12, 2003 03:32 PDT 

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Subject: [RRUG] Helios 40 85mm f1.5 lens HELP with fitting

 I've just bought a Helios 40 85mm lens f1.5 NOT for a rangefinder i admit,
but to use with an adaptor on my Canon manual focus camera. I have an M42
(Praktica/Pentax thread) to Canon FD adaptor. The lens was supposed to be
M42 fitting but is actually smaller, tho still screw thread- possibly the
fitting that goes with the old Zenit 3M?- 39mm?
A russian adapter exists to convert the M39 thread of your lens to M42. It
is a very simple short tube (about 5 mm, without any flange) with a M42
thread on the external side and a M39 thread on the internal side. It can be
sometimes found on eBay, but it can be also easily made by any turner at low
price. With this adapter your lens can be mounted on your Canon, or any
other SLR by the proper M42 adapter. However only old Canon, Alpa and
Miranda cameras had (in my knowledge) a shorter back registration than M42
lenses, so that you should necessarily use one of these cameras if you want
to maintain focus at infinity, by the proper adapter (the adapter you
already have for Canon FD should work well).
It is also to consider that the cost of an old M39 Zenit can be sometimes
lower than the cost of an adapter.
Good luck,
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