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Fwd: Re: Carlson; the Makin raid; reported secondary objective  Richard Gaines
 Jun 02, 2000 09:57 PDT 
Re Chak-@aol.com
(Keep in mind, folks, I did not write this--just passing it on--please send
inquiries to Mr. Hill, as I know only what is in his interesting (to me
anyway) e-mails. I have long since come to the conclusion that all the nuts
are not those who appear to be so at first glance, and vice versa.
-Dick Gaines)

----Original Message Follows----
From: Chak-@aol.com
To: gun-@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Carlson; the Makin raid; reported secondary objective
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 09:35:51 EDT

Mr. Gaines:

The impression that I got from my friend, whose father-in-law was a member
the Raiders at Makin, was that the fact of Roosevelt's association with the
battallion was not then, in 1942, nor even in 1998, to be a matter of
public knowledge.

As to Earhart, there has been a great deal of interest in Earhart in
Washington, as late as 1988, when the CIA launched a sting operation,
disguised as a consortium of Earhart researchers (The Amelia Earhart
Consortium). The AERC held a meeting at Purdue in November of 1989, to which
I was invited, although I had declined to become a member of the
organization. I was then among about a dozen independent researchers who
more about Earhart than anyone, except for the authorities.

Since my appearance at that meeting, my wife and I have been unable to find
any full-time employment in the United States, except in a few instances,
where, within a few months, we have been forced out. Sounds paranoid, I
suppose, but, in 1996, and again, early this year, the CIA agent who
the sting, has admitted to me that it was true that he had been part of an
information gathering sting, but that he had been unaware that action would
be or had been taken against any of the speakers at the meeting. Of all the
people who have heard my story, and my claim of having been added to a
blacklist, only this man, Dick Freeman, expressed no doubt or disbelief.

As to Earhart, my reliable source has stated that his own contacts observed
very elderly woman, in the company of female security personnel, entering
home of Amelia's sister, Muriel Morrisey, in Medford, Massachusetts, on
4, 1998, two days after Mrs. Morrissey's passing, at 98 or 99 years of age
(their mother had lived to the age of 92). This elderly woman was again seen
at the funeral of Mrs. Morissey a day later.

It has been reported to me, by my contact, that Amelia lived, until at least
that time, at an estate in the Washington DC metro area, quite near the home
of Colin Powell.

My next book, Twice a Traitor, will outline Earhart's defection to Japan as
Soviet Agent, whose task it was to provide Japanese Naval Aviators with an
impetus to turn Japan away from its planned Berlin/Tokyo assault on the
Soviet Union and, instead, toward a naval air war against the United
States---with interest in Soviet Siberia to wait until the U.S. had been
destroyed or neutralized. In fact, Japan might well have succeeded in using
germ warfare against us in the fall of 1945, had we not placed our fate in a
couple of prototype A-bombs.

Incidentally. I am also informed, by two sources, that Marine LST's were
anchored in Tokyo Bay, near the Imperial Palace at about the time of the
Nagasaki bombing and that, had the Palace Guard failed to protect the
from the assault made by junior Japanese officers (on the day he prepared
surrender message) a white sheet would have been hung from a particular
window in the Palace and the Marines would have interceded on the Emperor's
behalf. What have you heard?

Thanks for your e-mail.

---Charles N. Hill

Semper Fidelis and....
Take Care,
Dick Gaines
GySgt USMC Ret.
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