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List Name The Silver Blade Inn (SBI)
Purpose: Welcome traveler to the Silver Blade Inn play-by-mail list.

Our humble inn is situated on the outskirts of the city of Semberholme and unfortunately, our founders had the misfortune of building their place of business on an unstable Nexus!

The creatures that have known to come through the portals are as varied as the Planes themselves. From medieval Knights to a Klingon or two, our inn has indeed seen almost everything.

So rest and have an ale, traveler. If you dare.

This list is an in-character list only. It is free-form medieval/fantasy, so while we do welcome a Klingon, understand your technology WILL NOT work.

No jokes, virus warnings or urban legends please. However, OOC clarification is allowed.

If you have a problem with language, violence and sex, this is not the list for you. Medieval times were a violent age.

Rules are subject to change, and/or being created mid-stride due to a conflict that arises.

Happy Spodding!
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Created: Sep 20, 2000
Owner: Devo S
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Recreation & Sports  |  Games  |  Computer Games  |  Play by E-mail (PbEM)

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