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Re: The battle for the Staff  therea-@aol.com
 Sep 24, 2000 02:25 PDT 
The staff was indeed VERy eager for the battle to begin. For Darylia had done something completely unexpected, she had GIVEN her pieces of the staff away, and if the staffw as put together, whoever put it together would then be the wielder, and NO ONE else could possibly withstand even holding the staff afterwards without suffering extreme pain and psychological attacks. This had only happened twice during the staff's history. And both had been oh so long ago. The time the staff had waited would be worth it to experience this. The only thing that bugged the staff was that it had already decided that the bone golem would win out agaisnt the rag-tag band of adventurers. The staff had weighed the odds and didnt see how the group could possibly win(and that would be more fun because more carnage), unless....it helped the adventurers slightly. The staff kept all its thoughts securly screened as it pleaded with the golem to hurry, for the adventurers knew it was coming, and they wer!
e gathering MUCH, MUCH support. (which of course wasnt true, but such are the wonders of sentient artifacts). As The bone golem neared the party of adventurers, they stood, all around(yes even skulker) would have noticed the sudden quiet and foreboding that seemed to permeate the very air. Call it the calm before the storm... but the carnage at the inn, was going to have some good competition if the staff had anything to say about it...And it did....
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