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Let the show begin!  Matthew Evets
 Sep 24, 2000 08:37 PDT 
"Oh, thank you Milady.", Darylia purred. As she went to where the
others sat, she paused. "My, but it's warm in here!"
And with that, she dropped her cloak to the floor.

Her body was whole.

Time's ravages had been washed away by the bottle, augmented by the
Staff's power, and healed her inside and out. Of course she was stark
white, with an odd bluish tint, and her eyes looked like solid blue
beads of water, but nevertheless, she was whole. She wore a black lace
dress that grew opaque in the most sensitive spots, but otherwise let a
lot of her skin show. If it wasn't for her inky black diadem, her
regal way of carrying herself, and that ancient accent of hers, the
other Alliance members might not have noticed her. At best, they were
thoroughly surprised.
The lich (though she resembled one no longer) settled at the base of
the tub, out of everyone's view of the globe and looked at what was
happening....and laughed!
"Oh my, DeMonique, it's our little pair, and they seemed to have paired
off!" A moment's study made her smile even wider.
"Oh and a tragedy it will be, too. For you see, I still have partial
control over the beast! Let us see what happens when I up him
emotional level several hundred times."
She gestured to the skullbat, who swooped to the top of the globe and
opened its mouth as if to speak. Instead of a tongue, though, a pair
of bony chicken feet burped out, and it settled carefully on the globe
without scratching it. One of the eyesockets held a gem, and out of
this projected a hologram of the Mattwolf's skull. Little blips
representing the shards of the last control gem began to shine at her
command, tripling their output, ach of them stimulating a different
part of the brain.

" You're like a coat hanger with meat hanging off it!"
---Triple H, to Conan O'Brien

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