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A Restful Moment  Lanse
 Mar 17, 2002 13:43 PST 

     Somewhere in the midst of evacuating the inn, IceWolf had gotten separated from Miasna for the first time since he rescued her from the abyss. As is, he sat quietly against a tree, a small distance from the inn. Not much of a medic to help the wounded nearby, and the inn not entirely safe yet, he figured playing lookout for whatever was his best option.
     The short elf couldn't help but think about Miasna though, now that wasn't right by his side. Questions popped up in his head like 'Why did she think she knew him?', and 'We met once before- but how did coincidence work out that I ran into her after a random jump through a portal to the Abyss?' and 'Why was she so god damned pretty?'.
     That last question tended to pop up the most.


"And God said: 'Let there be Lamers!', and suddenly Grammar died, and The Plot was trampled underfoot by Munchkin Stampedes."
      -Verse 1, "The Gospel of Lame"

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