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Re: A Restful Moment  Matthew Evets
 Apr 09, 2002 03:14 PDT 
Amid all the shouting, confusion, attacks by flying skulls and whatnot,
Arvanna and Zena had managed to piece together a plan of action. Galen
and most of the able-bodied men would rush to semberholme and prepare
the city for an assault, while the injured and a few escorts would go
to the relative safety of the inn.
It was a harrowing ride, with horses wheezing and foaming from
exertion, the wounded groaning from the jostling they suffered through,
and the strange chittering noises coming from the surrounding forest,
but the large party actually managed to somehow pull into the inn's
yard unmolested. (Yay!)
Jolie and the inn's other servants went right to work, sadly
well-skilled in triage and field dressing. With many of the inn's
patrons either lending a hand or watching out for whatever had been
pursuing the wounded, it took little time for the Silver blade Inn to
take her charges in once more.

Most of the injured were taken to the larger rooms in the rear of the
building, to be near the kitchen's heat. Those that could walk either
aided where they could, shuffled about, or clogged the bar with ale
orders. A few of the special cases, like Eagle and Sage, were laid out
in the common room. Little Sasha sat by the fire and watched, eyes
wide as she took in every detail of the place that she had finally
gotten to visit.

" You're like a coat hanger with meat hanging off it!"
---Triple H, to Conan O'Brien

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