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when we last left our heroes...  Matthew Evets
 Jul 22, 2002 09:21 PDT 
When we last left our heroes (and villains), Darylia was making her big
move against the inngoers. The wounded from the debacle at her castle
had left the mages exhausted, the healers tapped and the fighting men
dead on their feet. Eagleman was unconscious from the acute mental
attack he was still under from Darylia's amulet he still wore. The
Sage had tapped his own arcane resources and had to be carried back.
Zena was alright but in a state of cold fury. Arvanna and Azrael were
no worse for wear from the ordeal but a bit flagged. Galen the young
Paladin had led a large number of fighting men to Semberholme to brace
the city in case of attack. It seems that the only one who really
improved her situation was Sasha, the escaped intended sacrifice.
Inside the inn, the wounded were being led to the outside fields when
several undead dragons of the poison gas breath variety showed up,
causing a quick reverse migration back inside. Kmelion and her new
found lover, The Mattwolf were herding servants and groaning men back
inside. Also caught in the mess is Breysia (who seems to have been
ported into this mess by her Dark Alliance cronies), Icewolf and his
rescued lady friend (who's name escapes me ATM, sorry Gwen), and a few
Yumi and her servants, as well as DeMonique and her rakshasha watch on
with interest as Darylia makes her move. It seems the lich had warned
them that the inn was going to be destroyed soon...
Let's see, oh yes. Skulker the thief escaped the blast from the Staff
od Chaos debacle, and is currently skulking his way back to town. Also
the DarkArmor is screaming therough the air at top speed after leaving
a note with Carin (who had made up her mind to destroy Darylia's bone
golem) after being teleported to a small church somewhere far from the
battle zone. Haunting the sentient suit is the vision it had gleaned
while Carin was it's wearer: That the Inn would be destroyed in a very
short time...
(whew! did I leave anybody out?

" You're like a coat hanger with meat hanging off it!"
---Triple H, to Conan O'Brien

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