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 USS Silver Fox
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Re: Realisation <r-Gray, Penna, GM>  Jes H
 Sep 30, 2000 05:03 PDT 

 =3D/\=3D USS Silver Fox =3D/\=3D


~ Curses, I'm not going to be able to open these doors without tools ~

:: Slightly nervously, aware that it might seem odd to observers for a
lanky youth to be shouting reassurances to a door he says ::

"Wait there, I'll be back with help"

:: He then continues down the corridor, listening intently for signs of
life ::
::down near the next juncture, you hear the muffled sounds of two people=
 thne the hissing of an opening escape pod::


"Rob, this just isn't working man. We need to find some more people to=
 us with this damn thing. there's still what, almost 600 people on board?"

"Yes, something like that. Too many anyway.."

"well would the shuttlebays be a better idea? it might be quicker that

::Stops as his wrist light shines in Gray's direction, tagging him::

<r-gray, Penna>

OOC(JW) Just trying to help out a bit

~Ensign Ryan Galen, ChSec, USS Silver Fox~
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