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 USS Silver Fox
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RE: Realisation <r-Gray, Penna>  Ryan Galen
 Sep 30, 2000 06:40 PDT 


:: He squints, and places his hands up to his eyes as the beam catches
him unaware, temporarily blinding him, he shouts nervously ::

"Who's there ?"

::Moves his rifle into the general direction of the cadet, but not directly
at the cadet::

"This is Chief of Operations Penna and Chief of Security Galen. Identify
yourself and step closer into the light, please."



::Lowering the rifle and giving the cadet a smile as he approaches::

"Are you by yourself?   What's the sitrep around here?"

"Theres some kind of animal trapped in quarters back up there, but I
haven't met any other crew members."

::looks over to Rob with a puzzled look on his dark brow::

"I didn't think there were many animals other than pets on this deck."

::Turns to Gray::

"You better show us where this disturbance is coming from. It might
actually be a crewman hurt or something."

::Follows Gray, noticing he is wearing a cadet uniform::

"By the way, Mr. Gray, which department are you assigned to?"

<r-Gray, Penna>

"If the stupid idea works, maybe it wasn't so stupid after all..."

Jerry Wicker
G.M. USS Eclipse
Captain Vincent M. Grant, GRAE106, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Eclipse,
N.C.C. 57336-A
Lieutenant j.g. Ryan Galen, GALF102, Chief CONN Officer, AcOPs, U.S.S.
Fearless, N.C.C.25779
Ensign Gillian Darmouth, DARR201, Engineering, U.S.S. Republic, N.C.C.
Lieutenant Aurtier Sorena, AURD203, Acting Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Dragon
Wing, N.C.C. 82348

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U.S.S. Eclipse Site: http://www.starbase111.org/~usseclipse

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