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 USS Silver Fox
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Realisation <r Galen, Penna>  Iain Gray
 Oct 01, 2000 16:43 PDT 

::Moves his rifle into the general direction of the cadet,
but not directly
at the cadet::

"This is Chief of Operations Penna and Chief of Security
Galen. Identify
yourself and step closer into the light, please."

~ Thank God for that ~

:: Gray relaxes, takes a deep sigh and then steps forwards as he says ::

"I'm Cadet Iain Gray Sirs"


::Lowering the rifle and giving the cadet a smile as he approaches::

"Are you by yourself?   What's the sitrep around here?"

"Theres some kind of animal trapped in quarters back up there, but I
haven't met any other crew members."

::looks over to Rob with a puzzled look on his dark brow::

"I didn't think there were many animals other than pets on this deck."

::Turns to Gray::

"You better show us where this disturbance is coming from. It might
actually be a crewman hurt or something."

::Follows Gray, noticing he is wearing a cadet uniform::

"By the way, Mr. Gray, which department are you assigned to?"

"I was due to be assigned to engineering, I was on my way to report for
duty when this happened"

:: He waves his hands around to indicate the loss of power on the ship
and then with an almost childlike whine to his voice he asks ::

"Sir, what *is* happening ?"

<r Galen, Penna>

Cadet Iain Gray - GRAS210
Engineer, USS Silver Fox NCC 72809
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