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 USS Silver Fox
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Re: Realisation <r-All players. Gray, Penna>  Ryan Galen
 Oct 02, 2000 18:05 PDT 


"I was due to be assigned to engineering, I was on my way to report for
duty when this happened"

:: He waves his hands around to indicate the loss of power on the ship
and then with an almost childlike whine to his voice he asks ::

"Sir, what *is* happening ?"

"Simply put, this situation has gone Fubarville and we're bugging out.
We're trying to get the crew off now before everythign goes critical in
about 16 hours or so."

OOC(JW): Guys and gals, do you want to even continue beating this dead
horse? I think everyone has already bugged out, and we haven't heard a peep
out of either GM or AGM in weeks *sigh*

<r-Any and all still active players>
"If the stupid idea works, maybe it wasn't so stupid after all..."

Jerry Wicker
G.M. USS Eclipse
Captain Vincent M. Grant, CO, U.S.S. Eclipse,
Lieutenant j.g. Ryan Galen, ChCONN, U.S.S. Fearless,
Ensign Gillian Darmouth, Engineering, U.S.S. Republic,
Lieutenant Aurtier Sorena, ActChEng, U.S.S. Dragon Wing,
Constable B. Dale Shepardsohn, 16-Bravo, MPD, 16th Prec.

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U.S.S. Eclipse Site: http://www.starbase111.org/~usseclipse

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