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 USS Silver Fox
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Re: OOC: Giving it up <r-All>  Jes H
 Oct 04, 2000 12:47 PDT 
OOC(Jes): Good work.

 =3D/\=3D USS Silver Fox =3D/\=3D

 OOC(JW): Guys and gals, do you want to even continue
beating this dead
horse? I think everyone has already bugged out, and
we haven't heard a
out of either GM or AGM in weeks *sigh*

OOC: I'll leave that decision up to those of you who
have invested more
time and effort in their characters than I have, as
Iain is so new I
don't mind either way.
OOC-> I have no problem leaving the sim, if you all
want to. I'd only like us to write a final to all this
(it doesn't have to be too detailed) just in case
someone asks how did we get out of here.
OOC(JW): Okay, by surviors consensus, we must bury this then. Here goes=
 take on the situation:

~On board the Red Fox enroute to SB 111~


~assume nagasaki is out of it too, as well as the captain at this point~

"Acting Second Officer's Log, supplemental."

Well it appears that we didn't quite have as much time to evacuate=
 as we were hoping for. Once the Fox's drives froze, it was only a matter=
 time before the bigger vessels gravity, even at it's minute scale, was=
 to draw the Fox to it. The two away teams were able to rescue a good 250=
 the crew via on eoperational transporter pad thanks to Cadet Gray and
jury-rig popping the main shuttlebay doors thanks to the quick thinking of=

 Ensign Soares and Dr. Nodd. Unfortunately, it was at this point that
everything went to hell, and the alien ship's caretakers decided to make a=

 house call. Needless to say we were able to make it out barely, but not
before over 300 of the crew were sacrificed in destroying the alien ship.

I have recommended all away team members for medals of recommendation, and=

 have put it in the logs that cadet gray be given a field promotion to

With luck, we should reach SB 111 in the next 10 to 12 days.

Now if only I could make the voices of the dead to stop haunting me, this
might actually be a bittersweet ending.

End Log

Ensign Ryan A. Galen
Acting 2nd officer

OOC(JW): I hope that works for everyone. I know it's hokey, but hey, I
came up with it on the fly.

"If the stupid idea works, maybe it wasn't so stupid after all..."

Jerry Wicker
G.M. USS Eclipse
Captain Vincent M. Grant, CO, U.S.S. Eclipse,
Lieutenant j.g. Ryan Galen, ChCONN, U.S.S. Fearless,
Ensign Gillian Darmouth, Engineering, U.S.S. Republic,
Lieutenant Aurtier Sorena, ActChEng, U.S.S. Dragon Wing,
Constable B. Dale Shepardsohn, 16-Bravo, MPD, 16th Prec.

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