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The Simplitudes Newsletter  Gigi
 Dec 04, 2000 11:14 PST 
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In this Issue:

* Welcome to The First Simplitudes Newsletter
* What’s New at Simplitudes
* Herbal Safety Alert
* How To Remove Red Wine Stains from your Holiday Tablecloths
* Cheap and Simple Holiday Recipes
* Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Carla Emery
* December Quote


Hi Folks and welcome to the first Simplitudes newsletter. We’re still
undecided about whether to make this a weekly or monthly, but continued
indecision and subsequent inaction could make this
the-newsletter-that-never-was…. so in order to avoid a
what-could-have-been and in keeping with the philosophy we so often
expound, we will simply do it and see what develops.

Before continuing I feel compelled to explain something. Though there’ve
been no complaints and no mention in the truly great critiques of the
Site, I feel embarrassed about the number of banner ads we display on
the pages. Please understand that these commercial intrusions are
necessary. We’ve setup affiliate relationships with all of these
advertisers in the hope of generating enough capital to perpetuate the
Site’s existence and our own. One can choose to regard money as
inherently evil, or, as I once heard Ram Das say, as “Green Energy.”

As an old hippie and a parent, I’ve come to the conclusion that playing
the game is not, in itself, bad, provided that one’s work does no harm
and offers some good. In keeping with that philosophy, we’ve chosen, for
the most part, advertisers that offer alternative, unique, useful and
relevant products. From educational, or hand made toys, to garden
supplies for the apartment dweller, or books, we can recommend, in
keeping with the Simplitudes subject and philosophy, I think we’ve
chosen the right sponsors .

Thus said, with the holiday season upon us and the knowledge that my
daughter’s unspoken holiday desires are certain to exceed my budget, I
hope that when considering your gift purchases, you’ll re-explore the
Site and check out our advertiser’s unique offerings.

What’s New:

Since this is the first issue of a newsletter of a Site, which itself is
relatively new, the inclusion of a “What’s New” section is a bit
premature. Those of you who have not visited for a while are probably
unaware that we’ve added a Message Board, a Women’s section, a Pet
section, a “Conditions and Remedies section and a “What’s New” page
which can keep you abreast of additions and alerts. We’ve also added
many of your suggestions and simplitudes and begun a reorganization of
the Site’s information to simplify your search and…

There’s much more to come including an extensive section (possibly a
sister Site) devoted to “How To” information. Articles will range from
how to make candles, soap and other crafts to how to repair your
appliances. Suggestions and submissions will be very welcome.


Pennyroyal, although commonly and traditionally used in home made
remedies as a medicine, as well as in pest and insect control, it is now
known as an extremely dangerous herb if not used properly and precisely.
It’s probably best not to have it around and if at all possible work on
finding alternative. If you’ve had good experiences with this herb,
continuously remind yourself with its warnings and definitely keep it
under lock and key…especially around small children and pets.

How To Remove Red Wine Stains from your Holiday Tablecloths:
As soon as spill occurs, prepare a paste of borax and warm water and rub
gently. Follow with a good rinsing or wipe clean with warm water.

***Borax is a natural product and will not leave bleach stains.***

Cheap and Simple Holiday Recipes

Banana Bread

(This will make 2 loaves)

Ingredients: 5 to 6 very large, very ripe bananas, two thirds cup of
your choice oil, 2 and one half cups unbleached flour, 1 and one fourth
teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon soda, one fourth teaspoon salt. Mix
then add: 2 thirds cup milk, 2 eggs, then mix again. Bake at 325 for
about 45 to 50 min.

Spanish Peasant Dish:

This was a common dish seen on holiday tables among gypsies and the
lower financial class in northern Spain. Originally, this dish is topped
of with fresh sardines, but you can substitute your favorite seafood or
leave meat out all together. The ingredients are very low cost as well
as healthy; containing fresh garlic, apple cider vinegar, and fresh

Cut potatoes in big chunks and boil.
Hard boil eggs
Cut a fresh white onion into thin slices.
Layer potatoes and eggs in a big bowl topped off with your onion slices.

Pour over top:
1) Extra virgin olive oil
2) Apple cider vinegar
3) Fresh lemon juice
4) Browned garlic cloves
5) Salt and pepper
6) Paprika for accent color

And finally top off with fresh sardines.
Serve mixture over a bed of steamed white rice that has been cooked with
a touch of olive oil and garlic powder.

***A wonderful accompaniment would be some sweet fried plantains and a
side of your favorite red wine or sangria***

A Note on Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar:

Garlic and vinegar boost your immune system and contain antibiotic
properties which can be helpful in cold weather; not to mention they
slow down the aging process and in some cases help reduce high blood
pressure. Vinegar also cuts out fat that’s been stored in your body.
Onions as well have cleansing properties and as you can see, the above
dish contains it all. Enjoy!

Book Review

The Encyclopedia of Country Living
By: Carla Emery

This is not only one of the most complete and informative books on self
sufficiency, common sense recipes, and helpful hints, you’ll most
definitely find it hard to put down. Between all of its superb and
incredibly useful information, Carla shares her family, her struggles,
her persistence, and finally…her triumphant ending that will move the
spirit. This is the sort of book you’ll go back to time and time again
through out the years. On a scale of one through ten, I give it an

858 pages

December Quote:

The most important thing about a goal is having one.

Till next time... peace always,

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