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Simplitudes Newsletter #3  Gigi
 Dec 20, 2000 20:15 PST 
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In this Issue:

* Multiple Personalities?
* Follow-up on last weeks rave
* Recipe: Plain 'ol Soup
* HOW TO...Help a Candle Burn Longer
* When a Child Loses A First Tooth
* Clean Tea, a word of caution
* Book Review: Living Cheaply with Style
by Ernest Callenbach
* Quote of the Week

Multiple Personalities

It's come to my attention that the Site and the newsletter
seem to be written in two voices. That's because there
are two of us, one Yin and one Yang though neither
consistently maintaining either role. Gigi primarily provides
the research and most of the ethereal and practical insights,
while I, Jeff, her ex-husband, provide the translation into
earthly speech.

While I came up with the initial Site idea and lit that
proverbial flame under her, Gigi has produced all of the
incredible work and fed the flames well under us both. If a
passage sounds biting, or sarcastic, it came from me. If you
have to read it two or three times before it hits you between
the eyes and makes ya say "wow", it's from Gigi...unedited.

We made a lousy married couple, (we've been divorced for many
years) but we made a hellova Kid together and hopefully are
creating a useful Web Site and newsletter.

Follow Up On Last Weeks Rave

In most cases being up front, gut level and true to your
ideals will get you ostracized. Most likely you'll be thought
of as fairly strange, but when you're fired for not being a
team player and worried about how to feed your kids, knowing
that your neighbors won't help "that strange family", at least
you'll be able to hold your head high in the unemployment line.

I've been lucky. I've been self-employed for nearly twenty years.
There've been many nights I've awakened with the shakes, terrified
that it'll all end and I'd have to join the other world. I don't
think I could do it. I don't know how to play the game. Even
with corporate clients, I haven't been able to wear the mask
for more than a few days. It just doesn't fit me.

If you're reading this and you're in that artificial world and
you feel like a misfit (The very fact that you know something's
wrong - hey, the fact that you read this newsletter makes you
kinda weird) don't quit, don't burn bridges. Make plans. Look for
a job your heart can live with, or look into self -employment
options. There are lots of them. Some pay well; some not so well
and all require greater time and effort that the traditional
nine-to-five (Whatever happened to 9-5? Most people out there seem
to be working 8-5 these days!). I've virtually traded my entire
social life and postponed pleasure reading indefinitely to
perpetuate my small business. To me, the trade-off is worth it,
but you've got to decide for yourself.

Change is scary and walking in unfamiliar territory is filled
with dangers, but life is uncertain no matter how high the
fortress walls. Just be smart, be cautious and do your homework.


Recipe: Plain 'Ol Soup

Boil beef bones for about 2 and a half to 3 hours.
Salt to taste and add a small handful of white rice (white rice
cooks quicker and helps thicken broth) Add 2 to 3 cloves of garlic,
a touch of extra virgin olive oil, some sliced white onion and
celery. Simmer another 45 min. then serve with a side of mountain

***Rice should always be rinsed several times before cooking.
Its nutritional value is in the grain itself.***


HOW TO...Help a Candle Burn Longer

Common table salt added to center of candle until salt reaches
dark part of wick will help it burn at a steadier rate as well as
burn softer and longer.


When a Child Loses A First Tooth

In Spain when a child looses his/her first tooth, it is
mounted on a gold band and worn as a ring. It makes an
interesting stone mount as well a great way to preserve
a memory - not to mention its value as a conversation piece.
You could also mount the tooth on a necklace or use it as a
stone on earrings; hey, and how about having it bronzed
or dyed then mounted...let me stop here...I'm getting carried
away, besides, I haven't figured how to get it away from the
tooth fairy.


CLEAN TEA: There are a lot of cleansing teas out there and just be
careful of one thing...these teas not only remove unwanted chemicals
but will also remove much needed nutrients as well as lower blood
pressure and heart rate. Follow dosage instruction on package and
drink plenty of water and juice; eating a banana will keep your
potassium levels normal.




I first came across this book while looking through my
ex-husband's awesome collection several years ago and fell in
love with it! When I decided to obtain a copy of my own it was
out of print; I ended up purchasing his latest edition which was
just as informative and more contemporary. Callenbach is an
incredible writer; He says it just the way it is...no holding back.
His straight forward style keeps your whole reading experience
exceptionally fresh. You'll want to try his concepts on living cheap;
they're easy, sensible, fun, and quite interesting. His humorous
critique of society will definitely set you on a more simple and real
approach to living a more common sense and relaxed lifestyle.

"To all who think for themselves and stay conscious of the
choices that shape their lives..."

" To all who know in their bones that enough is enough, and
want to figure out how much that is..."

"To all who understand that thrift, ingenuity, and resourceful-
ness mimic nature and help preserve the Earth..."

"To all who wish to survive with grace, humor, imagination, and
a little help from their friends..."


304 Pages
List Price: $13.95
Amazon Price: $11.16




Till next time...
Peace Always,

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Web Sites of some of our Site’s
sponsers. Their products are unique, useful and Simplitudes gets a piece
of the action.



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