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List Name Smokers Rights To A Safe Product (Smokers Rights)
Purpose: Smokers, like all consumers, have a right to a safe product. A safe product is one that is not harmful when used as the manufacturer intends it to be used.

Tobacco has a record of having contained sweepings, a human toe, a snake, a mouse, a nail, worms, a fishhook, metal filings, a firecracker, the adulterant coumarin, and many toxic chemicals, as shown by smokers' rights cases. Tobacco companies, according to smokers themselves, violate smokers' right to a safe product.

Tobacco companies have sued to prevent government inspectors from finding out what is in tobacco. See cases such as Turner v State of Maryland and Felsenheld / Merry World Tobacco v U.S. So the question is, what are they hiding? What are they afraid will be found out?

Cigarettes contain and emit toxic chemicals, including carbon monoxide and cyanide, details at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/toxicchemicals.htm. Naturally, bad effects result, details at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/effects.htm. These are natural and probable consequences, a legal term defined at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/definitions.htm. Tobacco users have been suing for a century over harm caused by the tobacco danger, details at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/dangeroustobacco.htm.

Actions can be taken so tobacco companies stop violating the right to a safe product, and get them to manufacture only safe products -- like all other manufacturers.

And of course, consequences must occur to those who have harmed or killed thus far, details about prosecution at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/tobaccomurder.htm and http://medicolegal.tripod.com/genocide_icc.htm.
Website URL: http://medicolegal.tripod.com/dangeroustobacco.htm
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Created: Jun 16, 2000
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