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Global government.

The prevailing view here is a sentiment of opposition to totalitarian
control of the masses by covert and overt enslavement and suppression
of Universal human rights. i.e. New World Order. (note: some favor
some forms of global government)

Conspiracies and Coverups.

Corruptions, whistleblowers, propaganda, staged events, historical
revisionisms, secret governments, controlled media, secret
technologies, and UFO/Alien agendas, coverups, and uncoverups. Any
other aspects of the UFO question should be discussed in our sister
conference, iufo@world.std.com (IUFO).

Earth changes, major accidents, and terrorism.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes,
floods, unusual hail, and other natural disasters as relates to the
apparent upswing in geological activity on our beloved Earth Home.
Also including ties to man-made or suspected man-induced disasters and
ACCIDENTS, such as train derailments, plane crashes, bombings, and
terrorist activities.

Human Rights abuses and Suppressions of Freedoms.

Crackdowns on religious expressions, propaganda against certain
groups, NWO embargos against nations, WTO and IMF sanctions and
controls of nations' economies, exploitation of labor populations,
agent provacateurs within 'dissident' groups.

Mind control

Controlled media propaganda, peer pressure, psyops (psychological
operations), compromised educational systems, scientific technologies
used to effect control of people's minds, and other activities of
intelligence agencies including invasion of privacy, setups (sting
operations), harassment, and villifications of prominent leaders of
groups seeking freedom(s).

Other topics related to the above may be discussed. Religious and spiritual aspects of the topics are also allowed.
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