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(SCI): FOR PUBLICATION:   (CDH).  Carroll Hampleman
 Nov 15, 2011 12:56 PST 

FYI:   I use the natural hat of the sun to "PRERHEAT"=0A       the water su=
pply TO the HotWaterHeater (HWH), electric.=0A       I "save", (don't have=
to spend), from 50 to 100 DOLLARS each     month.    E-Mail photos, of the=
mirrors, available on request.        =0A=0A From: Carroll Hampleman <trac=
kthe-@yahoo.com>=0A Subject: FOR PUBLICATION:   (CDH).=0A     www.SolarTh=
ermalMagazine.com=0A   =A0 www.DIYParabolicSolarHeat.com=0A   =A0 www.DIYCo=
mpoundParabolicSolarConcentrator.com=0A =A0 www.FossilFreedom.com=0A =A0=
www.HomeMadeSolarHotWater.com=0A/ =A0 =A0www.CookingWithTheSun.com=0A =
=A0 =0A =A0 Note:=A0 NOT=A0 ALL, of which, may be an authorized=0A =A0 =A0=
=A0=A0=A0Web Site. =A0=A0(some -=A0 you may have to just TYPE in)=0A =A0=
=0A =A0 Good Luck - don't let the "experts" (?) catch you.=0A =A0 /s/ Ca=
rroll H.=A0 =A0=A0=A0Sincere inquiries answered.
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