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List Name Star Trek Odyssey Mush Based Adventure (ST Odyssey)
Purpose: We are a Star Trek Mush, running on Pennmush (modified) with an Aspace Space system (modified). We are a very RP intense environemnt where anythng is possible. We are in the beta stages of our development so we will tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. The theme is Star Trek just about the time the Enterprise B is being built and launched. Well there is another ship, thats YOUR ship, its the USS HOOD II, its an Excelsior II class vessel, that has transwarp drive and is capable of warp 12-13 in emergencies.

We start the game out with only 1 Ship. I know i hear you saying 1 SHIP#@#@$@, but let me tell you this ship has 300 ROOMS, fully detailed jefferies tubes and many additional system. There are also systems to make it IMPORTANT to go into those tubes to work from time to time. If you look at our skills system you will see how deep our skills go, and your skills are what lets you run consoles on the ship. So training is important, as we said with a very RP intense environment and many systems you will have the ability to be an engineers assistant or a security officer and you see you have ALOT to do and alot to talk to. There are other empires that for now are NPC controlled to provide you with fun. Remember the purpose of the supporting empires is to give the Federation players fun! There will be other bases and ships and missions. We are also doing something very unique when it comes to ST MU*, we are developing a Story Arc to run through.
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Created: Dec 01, 2001
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