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Re: OT portable storage device question  Chas H
 Oct 21, 2005 20:57 PDT 

That looks like a nice item to have on a trip. The Epson site has some
details and even an interactive 'tour' (with sound) if anyone's
interested here;


Clive, keep posting your pics. You never know, it might help your
'working through it' process.


On 10/21/05, Clive Moss <clive-@gmail.com> wrote:
I've been lurking :-). I don't like any of my recent pics, so I have not
posted. Trying to work my way through it.
I used the Epson P-2000, with a spare battery. Worked well -- and I
could even listen to a book on the plane! It saved my ass when I noticed
a big blob on my sensor the same day it appeared, and I could clean it
off immediately. The P-2000 screen is much better than the little screen
on the back of a camera.
Blog: http://www.clive.moss.net/blog/blog.html
Photos: http://clive.smugmug.com/
Web: http://www.clive.moss.net

on 10/21/2005 2:04 PM Jeremy Meeks said the following:
 Clive Moss had good luck with something on a recent
trip to China if I remember correctly, but I dont
remember what he used and haven't seen him around


--- Dean Johnston <de-@tbc.t-com.ne.jp> wrote:


Anyone care to share their thoughts on portable hard
devices (for dumping memory cards into) that will
work internationally
(i.e., I can charge it anywhere).

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