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Re: ADMIN: For users of Gmail  Chas H
 Oct 21, 2005 21:06 PDT 

Although I've got the Gmail thing working well now I just noticed that
my Topica web account is on the fritz again after working for a bit
this afternoon. Topica continues to have issues it seems.
And as nice as Gmail is, reading the list by mail is really different
for a died-in-the-wool web reader after all these years. It really
takes some getting used to.


On 10/21/05, Conrad Weiser <radi-@gmail.com> wrote:
 All came through well via email and on Topica.


On 10/21/05, Henry <chas.s-@gmail.com> wrote:
 Well, let's see if this will make it through ungarbled. I had
originally changed to UT-8 and plain text, now I'm back to default
with plain text.


On 10/21/05, John Brownlow <lis-@johnbrownlow.com> wrote:
Thanks to Conrad for this.

Gmail users please tattoo on your foreheads to avoid your messages
appearing as garbage in the web interface.

 Under Settings leave "Outgoing Message Encoding" at "Use default text
encoding for outgoing messages". From what I've seen switch this to
UT-8 will cause Topica's web interface to garble every message you
send. The default encoding doesn't get garbled the majority of the

In the area in which you compose your messages, just above the top
right corner of the message body area, is the link to switch between
Plain Text and Rich Formatting. The default   message composition
format is probably Rich Formatting, in which case the link will say
"Plain Text". If it says "Plain Text" click on it to switch to Plain
Text mode. Using the Rich Formatting mode will cause you messages to
appear blank on Topica's web interface and come through email as

John Brownlow
Deep Fried Films, Inc


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