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Re: low rez kicks ass (totally)  Julian Thomas
 May 14, 2003 04:46 PDT 

is this a windup? Bee, it looks like the sort of thing that is popular in
craft fairs where wanabee (hah) artists scan a photo and then use a 'paint'
program to 'interpret' it. Why do this? What can it do that the photo can't?
There is nothing photographic in this. Why oh Why? As to philosophy, my mate
Adorno said that for art to be 'truthful' it has to have something 'of the
medium' in it. i.e. a photo has to be 'of' photography in a way that a
painting (for eg) couldn't be, it has to 'photographic'.

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I think this kicks ass.

Which is not to say I don't get a weird feeling from the fact that it
looks like a painting, but is not. Only... it really looks the way I
want it to, and is more interesting to me like this than the original
pic. The pic was not some lucky accident; I took some 6 or 7 pics of the
scene in order to get it right. And it does look right to me. But this
painting-treatment really cuts to the chase; this really gets down to
business: excess detail tossed overboard, only the essentials get to
speak out. Do I really have to pull out some brush and smear dirty paint
across the paper, so as to make it "real"? What the fuck is *not* real
about it?? It is what it is, and it looks how I want it to look. Hmpf,
that's what I'm telling myself, you see.

The thing is, low rez has been a fascinating concept to me for years.
And once in a while I make some moves in that direction. It's not a
matter of adding some "look", okay.... getting rid of details has it's
own sort of directness. Yes, the kind that we know from paintings. But
some on, you guys... you can't make me wave with some brush for weeks to
get the same result on canvas, if I can get what I want in photoshop in
an hour or so. So you won't see 3D brush strokes if you make a print,
but if that's the argument, then that's really about a 'look' then, not
about what really matters. After all, lots of things begin their
existence as a surrogate for something else, and then turn into
respectable things in their own right. It's a matter of readjusting your

I'm saying this because I'd like to hear where you stand on these
matters. Philosophically, like.

DA BEE (oh yeah, baby!)

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