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Re: Aahz is....  JAMES GALLO
 Dec 09, 2000 07:36 PST 
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yep yep, so long everyone, and ill definately be playing either Horizons,
Shadowbane, or Ultima Online 2 by summer, so hopefully ill meet up with one
of u there...heh, who knows, maybe ull even end up sworn under me =)...cya
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<P>Congrats Hammet....= )  Spend it wisely...errr..unwisely (IE have some damn fun with it).</P>
<P>Hate to see you leave, but I think I (we) totally understand.</P>
<P>Hope to see you in the next gen of games....I think NWN and Horizons are on my "to-play" list so far.</P>
<P>Good luck in the future!</P>
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