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Item list - Please respond quickly  Brett Russell
 Dec 15, 2000 09:05 PST 
I wanted to give Vyan's followers a chance at some items I've gotten
recently, so these are free to you all. This is the beginning of my efforts
to wade through my 6 mules just sitting around collecting dust. The items
in this list are just the most recent items, and are only from the main pack
of one of my characters (she has 3-4 other packs stuffed with items as well
as my other characters - At least 3 of which are at 300%), but I thought I'd
see if anyone needed anything that I have. I'll also be posting this list
on CoD and AC Vault, so if you see something you want, please let me know
right away, as they'll be committed to someone else if they bid on them -
I'll wait a little bit after sending this to post on the boards to give you
all a chance to reply. If you feel like donating shards to the "Get Numersa
some Post GSA since she completely messed up by not getting Pre" fund, feel
free, but please do not feel obligated =)

Also, if anyone under Vyan has specific items they are looking for, please
let me know and I'll keep a look out as I rummage through all my packs and
as I pick up new items.

Vyan, could you give me your email address? I don't have it on this
computer =(

Please message Shindo Numersa or email me at so-@powercom.net if you are
interested in anything. Some items that I'm interested in in case anyone
has them and would be willing to part with them for a fair price:
Lightweight Invuln V+ shield, Sword VI Gaunts, Coord/Quick V+ Solls/Boots,
Coord/Quick V Ring, Lit V+ Pants or Jewelry, Bludge V+ Pants/Jewelry, 250+
AL/Decent Prots End VI bracers, Virindi Mask, Nice Cestuses, 130+/Decent
Prots Purple Amuli Leggings.

My stats are as follows:
Arcane - 200
Melee Def - 290
Missle Def - 225 unless the item is a shield, then 190
Rank 2 or 3

Dif = Difficulty
MD = Melee Defense
MisD = Missle Defense
Max = Max Mana
Numbers in parens are speed values for weapons
All colors listed are actual color, not material (ie: Gold is gold-colored,
not necessarily made of gold)

Protections levels are listed in the order displated (Slash, Pierce, Bludge,
Fire, Cold, Acid, Elec) and do not include any Banes the item may have.
Protections are listed as follows:
Ab = Above Average
Av = Average
Ba = Below Average
Pr = Poor
No = No Protection

* The only two items that I'm debating keeping are the Gromnie Boots and the
Ken. I will probably include them on the trading list, but will most likely
only get rid of them if I get a really good offer or someone under Vyan
really needs them.


Chain Hauberk, Orange - AL 115 Imp VI, End V Rank 8, Sho, 282MD
Ab/Av/Ab/Pr/BA/Pr/No 12,578p 1551bu

Studded Cuirass, Green Armoredillo - AL 95 Imp V Str III Dif 76 Aluvian
160MisD Ab/Av/Av/BA/BA/Pr/Pr 9,138p 608bu

Plate BP, Red - AL 216 Imp IV, End III Dif 63 166MisD Ab/Av/Av/No/No/BA/No
18,808p 2198bu

Leather BP, Forrest Green Gromnie - AL 76 Imp IV Dif 71 182MD
Av/Av/Av/BA/BA/Pr/BA 3,288p 420bu

Yoroi Leggings, Gold (very nice looking) - AL 131 Imp IV, Str IV Dif 142
Ab/Av/Av/No/No/BA/No 8,325p 1132bu

Yoroi Girth, Teal - AL 151 Imp III, Lit IV, Str V Dif 137 Sho
Ab/Av/Av/No/No/Av/No 6,987p 649bu

Yoroi Sleeves, Gold - AL 153 Imp V, Bludge V, Frost II Dif 88 216MD
Ab/Av/Av/Pr/No/BA/Pr 7,650p 648bu

Studded Sleeves, Grey with red shoulders - AL 98 Imp V, Pierce IV, Blade II,
End II Dif 54 Rank 6 Ab/Av/Av/Pr/BA/Pr/Pr 3,955p 575bu

Yoroi Pauldrons, Silver - AL 154 Imp IV, End IV Dif 65 170MD
Ab/Av/Av/No/No/Av/No 5,166p 455bu

Plate Vambraces, Black - AL 100 Imp III, End VI Dif 153 186MisD
Ab/Av/Av/No/No/BA/No 2,538p 810bu

Scale Gaunts, Reddish Orange - AL 116 Imp III, Coord IV, Pierce VI Dif 124
289MD Av/Av/Av/Pr/No/Pr/No 4,267p 588bu

Chain Gaunts, Gold - AL 50 Imp III, Sword III, Dif 105 Ab/Av/Av/Pr/Pr/Pr/No
1,508p 461bu

*Steel Boots, Purple Gromnie - AL 121 Imp V Dif 153 Sho Ab/Av/Av/BA/BA/BA/BA
7,418p 604bu

Sollerets, Silver - AL 185 Imp III, Acid III, Lit V Dif 188
Ab/Av/Av/No/Pr/BA/No 6,037p 505bu


Tower Shield - SL 125 Imp VI Dif 115 270MD 1716bu

Tower Shield - SL 137 Imp VI, Pierce III, Fealty IV Dif 126 292MD 1242bu


Katar - 2-7 +13% MD (20) BD III, SK II Dif 40 UA120 3,207p

*Ken - 8-15 +8% Att BD VI Dif 115 Sw270 5,035p

Scimitar - 7-13 BD VI Dif 117 Sw275

Scimitar - 7-13 +5% MD +5% Att BD VI Dif 103 Sw247

Broadsword - 8-16 (50) BD V Dif 84 Sw209 4,844p

Rapier - 6-12 +6% MD +4% Att (30) BD IV, HS IV, End IV Dif 25 Aluvian Sw160

Lightning Battle Axe - 8-16 +7% MD +5% Att (52) 8,170p

Battle Axe - 7-14 +8% Att (60) BD IV, Def IV, Coord V, Dif 89 Axe218 3,382p

Frost War Hammer - 6-12 +8% MD +8% Att (50) BD IV Dif 70 Axe181

Trident - 7-16 +6% MD +5% Att (55) 4,248p

Frost Budiaq - 4-15 +5%MD +7% Att (35) BD IV Rank 5 Gharu Sp173 8,576p


Slippers - Sprint V Dif 198 2,999p

Slippers - Jump V Dif 216

Slippers - Quick IV Dif 123 Sho 2,117p

---Wands, Orbs, Staves---

Orb - Life VI Dif 268 6,362p Max 1000

Staff - War IV Acid V Dif 186
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