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Fwd: Plant locations  Randy Robinson
 Jan 03, 2001 22:29 PST 
<P>OK...hush hush all...<BR><BR></P></DIV>
<DIV></DIV>>From: Michelle Tune <LILW-@LVCM.COM>
<DIV></DIV>>Reply-To: Gaun-@topica.com
<DIV></DIV>>To: Gauntlet of Ispar <GAUN-@TOPICA.COM>
<DIV></DIV>>Subject: Plant locations
<DIV></DIV>>Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 15:54:46 -0800
<DIV></DIV>>Hello all,
<DIV></DIV>>Below is a listing of plant locations (they do spawn in the same place) that Fyrius and I worked on for many days to complete. I had no idea anyone else might be interested, so I didn't bother posting this before. Some of these locations are already camped, so I would appreciate it if we do not share this outside of our family.
<DIV></DIV>>Plant info:
<DIV></DIV>>Blue plants
<DIV></DIV>>84.8 S 55.1 E* *these are on the run from Kara to Tou-Tou
<DIV></DIV>>86.0 S 54.2 E*
<DIV></DIV>>90.4 S 38.2 E*
<DIV></DIV>>60.2 S 87.3 E*
<DIV></DIV>>48.2 S 90.5 E*
<DIV></DIV>>40.4 S 95.1 E*
<DIV></DIV>>28.4 S 93.3 E heheeh, i don't remember where this one is?
<DIV></DIV>>72.3 S 13.7 E this one is by the Hilltop portal near Q
<DIV></DIV>>46.2 S 9.5 E ** **these are the interior beach (Ghar land)
<DIV></DIV>>15.1 S 3.2 W**
<DIV></DIV>>White plants - South mountains (by jolly snowman)
<DIV></DIV>>I suck at the south mountains, hehehe
<DIV></DIV>>73.1 S 27.1 E
<DIV></DIV>>74.4 S 27.7 E
<DIV></DIV>>White plants - North mountains (no real pattern, just one big area up north)
<DIV></DIV>>There are probably more than this even.. large area to cover
<DIV></DIV>>72.5N 2.1W
<DIV></DIV>>72.5 N 2.1 W
<DIV></DIV>>71.6 N 2.4 W
<DIV></DIV>>69.0 N 8.4 W
<DIV></DIV>>75.3 N 0.5 E
<DIV></DIV>>68.5 N 5.1 E
<DIV></DIV>>68.3 N 4.8 W
<DIV></DIV>>69.6 N 10.0 W
<DIV></DIV>>70.1 N 11.4 W
<DIV></DIV>>71.8 N 15.9 W
<DIV></DIV>>60.7 N 9.6 W
<DIV></DIV>>60.2 N 12.8 W
<DIV></DIV>>71.6 N 2.4 W
<DIV></DIV>>69.0 N 8.4 W
<DIV></DIV>>Teal plants - New islands
<DIV></DIV>>70.9 S 96.8 E
<DIV></DIV>>75.0 S 84.7 E
<DIV></DIV>>75.4 S 88.4 E
<DIV></DIV>>76.6 S 89.2 E
<DIV></DIV>>80.6 S 96.4 E
<DIV></DIV>>83.4 S 96.2 E
<DIV></DIV>>Hope that helps anyone who is looking.
<DIV></DIV>>Hugs and kisses!!
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