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Chakron Quest - Please read!  Brett Russell
 Jan 05, 2001 06:54 PST 
Last night I went on the Chakron quest for the Virindi Amulet. We had a good
group, everyone worked together and didn't have the "give me the phat l3wt
now!" people, and thus we survived. We lost noone in either the upper or
lower flux sections, only loosing a few due to the massive lag of having
both groups running through the first part at the same time.
Anyway, my point: These dungeons are here to allow us to get to and destroy
Bael, who will be dead one way or another come patch day (Tuesday). Now, I'm
not saying for sure that the dungeons will be removed with the next patch,
but the Amulet is a very nice item, and it'd be a shame to miss out on it if
they do make a change. So I suggest that anyone who is level 36-45 try to
get the amulet this weekend. Hawking is leading a group tonight, and I'm
sure there will be more this weekend.

For anyone not familiar with the Amulet, it casts Item Mastery VI, Mana
Conversion Mastery VI, and Exhaustion Other V, with a difficulty of only
190! This is a great item for Mages and Melee alike! They also make great
gifts for those of us who have patrons too high level to enter the
dungeon. --Yes, Vyan, the amulet is yours =)

The MOST important thing in the dungeon is having good people along with
you. You MUST shut up and listen to the group leader, and know your role in
the quest: Melee forming walls to prevent creatures from getting to
archers/mages and taking out the hollow minions/Tuskers, Mages Vulning
Tuskers/Virindi and keeping the Melee's healed (and Bludgeon Protected!),
and the Archers raining hell down upon the newly vulned attackers from
behind the melee wall. If your group sticks to the formula and takes it
slowly, you should be successful and have a wonderful new toy at the end of
the night.

Remember, kids, NO ROBES! The hollows will tear right through them. I wore a
Matty coat and some yoroi leggings, buffing the coat with Impen and Bludge
Bane (IV's, I'm no mage) and I was fine. Fire weapons are good for tuskers
and ok for virindi, but don't do much against Hollow Minions, so bring along
a pierce or cold weapon (Pierce is decent for all three creature types).

Good luck to anyone who goes on the quest, and have a great time!

Shindo Numersa
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