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Re: BBCWS: Yet another option (was: Re: DX Listening
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 John A. Figliozzi
 May 12, 2001 05:52 PDT 
Which further underlines what a rather small sum of money this is, given
the size of the WS budget.

At the same time, I wonder how much it cost the corporation to (1) start
up BBC Worldwide, then close it down; (2) initiate the "five zone" plan,
then reduce it to three, then scrap it altogether, then initiate the
current seven stream plan; (3) "reorganize" its internal structure to
allow for purchase of outside (no-BBC originated) productions at greatly
increased cost; (4) create the maddeningly confusing "Showcase",
"Insight" and "Living" monikers; (5) hire whiz kids from the commercial
sector to "manage" the enterprise at greatly increased compensation

(Need I go on?)

Andy Sennitt wrote:

 For comparison, the BBC says it currently spends just under
$720,000 US a year on shortwave broadcasting to North America.

Just to clarify: that figure also includes Australia.


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John A. Figliozzi
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“The WWW Shortwave Listening Guide”
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Contributor, “NASWA Journal”, ODXA “Listening In”
Volunteer Publicist, Radio Australia and Radio New Zealand International

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