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Re: BBCWS dropping shortwave to USA, Canada, Australia  larry nebron
 May 08, 2001 08:50 PDT 
Here in the San Francisco Bay Area KALW-FM carries BBC
news in Morning, BBC programs from 11:05am to
12:00noon, Newshour (one hour delayed), plus BBC
overnight from midnight to 5am on weekdays and 6am on
weekends. KQED FM also carries some BBCWS.

You can go to Fry's and buy a very good computer with
modem and monitor for less than the cost of a Sony

Let's be honest 99.9% of the WS listeners are NOT
DX'ers or not even multidimensional shortwave
listeners. They want to hear BBCWS clearly with the
best fidelity. Real Audio at 16 kBPS is much better
than the best shortwave.

OH: You can listen to computer audio in the backyard
with an inexpensive micro transmitter. AND how many
people carry a shortwave radio with them? outside of
this group and HCDX?

The real question is what is BBC WS (Merlin) is going
to do with all that transmitter time? There goes DRM
for shortwave!


--- bill whitacre <b-@his.com> wrote:
 Excellent decision!

Who, in their right mind and in large numbers,
listens to ENGLISH
language SWBC in North America?


Reality-based planning is a GOOD thing!

You've got to CHANGE with the media or stock up on
vacuum tubes!




At 11:16 AM -0400 5/8/01, Kim Elliott wrote:
 BBCWS confirmed to me today that they will drop all
shortwave to the
 United States, Canada, and Australia as of July.
Access to World
 Service will be via FM rebroadcasting (you *do*
have access to BBCWS on
 your local FM station, don't you?) and the
Details and perhaps an interview on Communications
World this weekend.
To receive the updated Communications World
schedule by auto-reply, send
 an e-mail to cwsch-@voa.gov .
Kim Andrew Elliott
Producer and Presenter
Communications World
330 Independence Avenue, S.W
Washington, D.C. 20237 USA
Telephone: +1-202-619-3047
Fax: +1-202-260-8319
E-Mail: k-@voanews.com
Web site: http://www.trsc.com/cw

Submissions: swpro-@topica.com


Bill Whitacre
IBB Monitoring
Washington, DC



Submissions: swpro-@topica.com

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