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List Name Discussions about professional software testing activities (swtest-discuss)
Purpose: This is the new home for the swtest-discuss mailing list, founded in 1995 by Danny Faught and Mark Wiley. The goal is to continue to keep the list a useful resource by following the charter closely. Flagrant violators can be expelled without notice, so please read carefully.

The purpose of this list is to discuss topics relevant to the professional disclipline of software testing. Software quality assurance is also relevant.

Commercial advertisements, conference announcements, and help wanted ads are not allowed on this list. It's okay to discuss technical aspects of a commercial product. As an exception, authors are allowed to post a notice of new works they have published.   

If you use an "out of the office" autoresponder when you go out of town, please make sure it does not respond to swtest-discuss messages. You can set your subscription to "web only" while you're gone, or configure your autoresponder appropriately. Violators will have their accounts set to "moderated" status and may be subject to removal from the list.

Please read the comp.software.testing FAQ to get a leg up on the information about testing that's available. You can find it in the news.answers newsgroup or at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/software-eng/testing-faq and ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/software-eng/testing-faq.

Some information from that FAQ that bears repeating is the pointer to the FAQs on testing contractors and consultants, testing courses, and test tools, which you will find at http://www.testingfaqs.org/.

If you're new to using email, take a gander at: ftp://risc.ua.edu/pub/network/pegasus/FAQs/etiquet.txt.
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Created: Apr 21, 2003
Owner: Danny Faught
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