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Re: Introductions III  Marilyn Sessions
 Jun 30, 2000 07:07 PDT 
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My name is Marilyn Sessions. I am the Young Adult Librarian at a regional
branch, Springville Road, of the Birmingham (Alabama) Public Library.
After many years as an Adult Services Librarian I made the change to YA
almost two years ago.

Currently we do not have a teen advisory board (or anything similar); but I
have been thinking about beginning one and am interested in what other
libraries do. Thanks for all the great information!

Steve Miller wrote:


When I sent out the initial invitation to the major lists, I forgot to
ask that new members post an introductory message, so I'll be posting
variations of this note over the next few days as our membership grows.

We now have over 70 members (that's up from 30 yesterday) - and this
list just started yesterday!!

If you haven't had a chance, please post a quick missive letting us
know you, your library, your group size, teens ages, how long you've
been advising, etc.

Feel free to chat about anything teen / group related. We'll need all
our flexibility to keep pace with our very dynamic charges!

Have Fun!
Steve Miller, TAG Advisor
Ashtabula County District Library, Ashtabula Ohio

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